Help Your Guy Improve His Look

Many women are willing to give their opinions on a wide variety of subjects.

That said do you give your guy your two cents when it comes to his appearance?

For some, their guys could use a few tips when it comes to how they dress, how they wear their hair and facial hair and more.

So, will you help your guy improve his look?

Offering Advice without Badgering

In helping the man of your life come up with a better look, here are a few areas you may want to cover:

  1. Attitude – Although it is not an outward look one may first think of, your guy’s attitude is quite important. Sure, everyone has their share of bad days. That said a negative attitude for a prolonged period of time can be troublesome for a variety of reasons. Do your best to help your guy stay positive even in difficult times. In having a positive attitude, your guy will be better off in both his pro and personal lives.
  2. Wardrobe – Does your guy tend to put some time and effort into how he dresses or not? If it is the latter, you may encourage him to work some on his wardrobe. A good looking dresser does more than only turn heads. It shows he takes himself seriously and wants to impress. There is nothing wrong with giving him your two cents on fashion ideas. He can either take them or disregard.
  3. Hair – For some guys, a new hairstyle can do wonders for their look. So, have you been on your guy for a while now to do something with his hair? If so, provide him with some options he might like. There are plenty of examples online and elsewhere to show him.
  4. Facial hair – Speaking of hair, does your guy have a beard, goatee or mustache? If the answer is yes, does he take care of it? Having sloppy facial hair is not attractive. You as a woman may even be a little embarrassed to be out in public with him. One option would be to find him better shaving accessories. You could go online and see how much does Gillette on demand cost or view other brands. The bottom line is finding a brand that will give him the smoothest and best looking shave each time out.
  5. Weight – Last, are you happy with your guy’s weight? Although it is up for him to decide how much he wants to weigh, it matters to you too. That said you might encourage him to eat better and exercise more if weight is in fact a problem. The right diet and working out can bring one’s weight into a healthier range. You might even work out with him. This can serve as some motivation for him to exercise more often. You could also eat more meals with him to be sure he is eating the right foods.

When it comes to determining if your husband or boyfriend has the look you like, remember to be gentle.

You can give your two cents without coming across as too over-bearing.

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