The age-old question of what works for baldness has been answered through the technique of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation has become a beacon of hope for all out there who dream of a head full of hair. Both the techniques of FUT and FUE hair transplant in Bangalore have proven to be equally efficacious in treatment. But the question is which to choose.

Let’ try to simplify that :

Technically they differ only in the harvesting of grafts  from the donor site . There is no difference in how grafts are implanted, so the difference is only in one step of Hair Transplant.

FUT: Involves single strip method with elliptical excision of donor followed by suturing

Advantages Disadvantages
Cheaper Stitches required
Shorter operative time May leave a scar
Larger sessions are easier Longer healing time
A repeat FUT/FUE can be done in future More discomfort
Dissection occurs under  microscopy
Can be followed by FUE if needed but not vise versa

FUE: Involves extraction of grafts as individual follicular units.

Advantages Disadvantages
Minimal recovery time-JUST ONE DAY More expensive
Can sport a short hair style Long operative period  and hence tiring for the patient.
Tiny dot like scars over donor areas Number of grafts extracted per day is limited therefore in extensive baldness may require multiple sessions
No requirement of stitches Once FUE is done, a second FUE/FUT cannot be done in future
No need for repeat visit for stitch removal Shaving / Trimming of the donor -required
Shorter healing time Difficult for larger areas

Having seen the benefits and limitations of each procedure, now let’s take a look at how they fair against each other. 

 FUT VS FUE Hair Transplant

Features FUT FUE
Shaving /Trimming of head not needed needed
Cost cheaper expensive
Large areas possible difficult
Stitches required Yes No
Visible scarring with short hair at back May be present Tiny dot like scars
Pain after the procedure Minor None
Time required for the procedure Short Longer
Healing time: donor area 2-3 weeks Approximately 1 week
Healing time: recipient area Around  2 weeks 10–14 days
Amount of time after which patient may return to work Next day Usually the next day, BUT SOME DISCMFORT FOR2 WEEKS
Natural results Yes Yes
Transection rate (grafts damaged during extraction) Varies 1–2% 2-5%

Now which is more successful in delivering the goods??

They both are equally effective and efficacious in regrowth and it’s not possible to tell one from another as the technique of implanting the hair follicles at the recipient site are the same for both.

Opting a method also depends on  3 other  factors irrespective of the techniques. They are:

  1. Age of the patient
  2. Extent of loss of hair over the scalp
  3. Donor area hair availability
  4. Attitude of the patient

The surgeon needs to take all facts in to consideration and then decide what is best for the patient. One method does not fit for everyone. So a patient should choose a clinic which can perform all methods.

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