3 Ways to Step Up Your Vaping Game

As 2018 progresses, vaping is getting more and more popular. On the streets of every town and city, you’ll find people with vapes ranging in color and size. Often, once the vaping habit begins, vapers have troubles deciding how to branch out or mix up their vaping habits. There are many shops that carry different styles of vapes and ways to do so. There is no reason to not take advantage of the variety this habit brings. Here are three ways to take your vaping game to its next level.

Vaping is becoming an accessory

One of the inherent aspects of smoking is the aesthetic it brings to the table. Cigarettes were often a style staple in certain decades, but they’ve slowly faded. Then there was the emergence of stoner culture that came with legalization of recreational marijuana in some states. Vaping has a style of its own that is still being formed.

Many vaping accessories, including the Exxus Snap or the Suorin, are becoming more and more popular amongst avid vapers. Products like these come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing individuals the option to choose ones that best suit their preferences. Girl vapers are being drawn towards iridescent and metallic vaporizers. This allows for vapers to distinguish themselves with their personal style and the device they decide to use. Users of larger vapes see themselves differently than the college and high school vapers who are drawn towards the Juul trend. The future will bring different categories of vaping culture, but developing your own style of vape is one sure way to step up your game in the vape world.

The type of vape you use

Oftentimes, vapers take the time to figure out what kind of vaping device works best for their habit. A smaller one might be best for those who want to remain more discreet. There are also larger vapes that may expel more nicotine, if that is what you are looking for. Before settling, be sure to explore the wide assortment of available vaping options. A lot of people just stick with the first vape they ever use, but this shouldn’t be the case. There are so many options out there including different e-juice flavors and an array of nicotine levels. Don’t be lazy in your vaping habits when looking to branch out, as this customization can improve your experience tenfold.

Public vaping courtesy and regulations

Something that you can do to step up your vaping game is to take the personal space of others into further consideration. If you are an uber driver and driving a young crowd, ask if they mind if you vape. Most crowds won’t, but it is always polite to be considerate of their space. Another tip is to be aware of your friends’ opinions on vaping. They might not like vaping in their house or apartment or around their kids. If this is a habit you have, be sure to be respectable of their space and wishes. The people who give vaping a bad name are usually the ones who blow smoke in people’s personal space in a family coffee shop or at a small restaurant. This tip will make you more comfortable with your habit and those around you.

Vaping, of course, smells a lot better than cigarettes to most people. The odds that your friends have much of an issue with your habit are slim. Still, it’s best to know when and where vaping is acceptable to optimize your vaping game.

Take these tips to create a personalized vaping experience that is best for you. This habit has so many options that are worth taking advantage of, so never settle for what you have now until you’ve explored the vast vape world that exists.

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