How Explainer Videos Can Engage Your Audience for Newbie Entrepreneur

Being a startup owner is both a great opportunity and a great responsibility. You should be smart enough to sustain your team and wise enough to explore innovative means to expand your business. Explainer videos come almost as a pleasant surprise to startups as they hold immense marketing potential. Here is why young Turks should say yes to explainer videos if they want their business to reach out to the multitude.

Magic Served In A Few Seconds:

Then present generation viewers have an attention span of merely 8 seconds. The only way to grab their attention in such QuickTime is to design a gripping explainer video instead of a plain text and you would stay in the customer’s mind for longer. A seasoned creative team like Skittles productions can design a video that explains your business in a simple, crisp and thought provoking manner. Let the video spread its magic with the best Video Production Services.

Create Lasting Impression of Your Business:

According to a study, people remember explainer videos 70% more than usual. Thus, explainer views touch both minds and emotions of viewer to create a lasting impression of your brand. A good Video Production Company uses imagery, music, graphics and strong storytelling technique to explain your brand through a video.

Enhance Organic SEO:

Animated explainer videos increase your visibility, viewer engagement and increase the time they spend on your website. This automatically boosts your business’ SEO efforts. Though achieve such effect you need to get in touch with a dynamic Explainer Video Company in Delhi and craft a unique way to explain your business. Including a video in your search engine listing will increase your chances of being featured on the first page by 53%.

Building A Strong Brand Trust:

Startups need to engage their audience if they want to grow their reach. Video content has proven to be highly effective in creating brand trust among viewers. The custom animation, pleasant music and colours and very gripping storytelling will help you connect with the viewers on a personal level. As they understand your brand culture and appreciate your problem solving approach, they develop trust and liking for your products and services.

Entice Viewers to Take Action:

Can you believe it! 85% of the audiences who watch an explainer video are most likely to purchase that product or service. That stat is enough to emphasise on the need for an explainer video for your startup. Infuse a clear call-for action in your video that will entice the viewers. Ask your audience to take a free trial or download a brochure or simply subscribe to your channel and they will.

See Your Sales Grow:

If you are wondering, ‘What about sales?’… Yes, explainer videos do boost your sales. Animated videos are a perfect way to pitch to your new clients and customers. Studies have shown that explainer videos can enhance the conversion by 20- 30% which is like a giant leap for a startup.

Thus, it makes good sense that every startup should have its explainer video done by a seasoned Explainer Video Company in Delhi like Skittles productions and see how it fuels the company’s growth.

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