What You Need From Your Estate Agents Leicester

When your choosing your estate agents Leicester or estate agents anywhere for that matter, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting what you need and deserve from them.

Frankly, estate agents have an awful reputation. Perceived as money-grabbing, evil individuals, people tend to have misconceptions about them before they even begin to work together.

So, avoiding any misconceptions and untruths, what should you expect from your estate agents Leicester?

Regular contact

We’ve all experienced it: Sat around, waiting for a phone call or an email from somebody you’ve been waiting to contact you for hours, days, perhaps weeks; it’s not a nice situation for anybody to be in.

When you’re selling your property, something which is obviously worth an immense amount to you, you want your estate agent to regularly be in touch with you. Whether someone wants a viewing, someone has made an offer or nothing at all has happened, you want to know these things so that you’re aware of what’s going on.

When your estate agents Leicester aren’t keeping in touch with you, it can create a very awkward situation where you don’t want to contact them, and they aren’t contacting you. This can create a vicious circle due to your slack estate agent.

As a minimum, your estate agent should be keeping you updated on a weekly basis. If you’re not being kept up to date on what’s happening with your property, anything could be happening, and you wouldn’t know about it.

Accompanied viewing

When people are coming to view your property, it’s quite a daunting sensation. If you have no previous experience with this, you might not know how to conduct yourself or what to say to the people who are considering purchasing your house.

If you have the right estate agent, they’ll go through this situation with you. As your estate agent, they should go to the viewings to make sure that the situation is going smoothly. Not only will they be in attendance too, but they should be actively trying to sell the property at the same time. This is beneficial because little hints about the property are encouraging those looking around the property to purchase it.

Ensuring your estate agents Leicester are actively selling your property at accompanied viewings is important if you’re hoping to sell your property soon.

Somebody you can trust

Trust is important in every day scenarios. If you’re at the checkout, you trust somebody to give you the right change. This is trivial compared to trusting somebody to sell your house. That’s why it’s important that you find estate agents Leicester that you can trust with selling your property.

Of course, the estate agent doesn’t have that much control over your property, but you want to be assured that they’re following your instructions correctly and not lying to you.

If you get the feeling that your chosen estate agent is untrustworthy, it’s inadvisable that you choose to work with them on selling your property.

So, find your estate agents Leicester now!

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with helpful information from Open House Leicester. Jack is a Yorkshire lad who enjoy reading, films and the great outdoors.

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