What Are The Most Common Repairs That An Air Conditioning Unit Will Undergo?

When you install a new air conditioning unit in your home you want to know that it’s going to provide many years of cooling comfort. With regular maintenance, it should be kept in top functioning order for the years ahead. But if your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be performing as well as it was when new, it may be time for some repairs. The good news is that most a/c units can undergo a few repairs to make them function better. Continue reading to see what are the most common types of a/c repairs are on cooling systems.

Biggest A/C Problems Homeowners Face

One of the main problems experienced with air conditioners is that they don’t function well. Sometimes it can be as simple as closing the doors and windows, or checking the seal between frame and unit. Or there may be ducts that need to be replaced, or at the very least repaired, to correct the airflow.

Maintenance (Or Lack Thereof)

The most common reason is because the air conditioner needs some maintenance, but it hasn’t happened.

Low Refrigerant

Adding more refrigerant may be something that’s simple to fix. Sometimes the refrigerant may leak from an air conditioner. This may be due to leaks. Adding more is not the best solution, so a repair may be required.

Dirty Air Filters

The filters and the coils may be dirty and need to be cleaned or the system could be suffocated. Sometimes the filters need to be replaced.

Electrical Issues

Another problem with air conditioners is that there may be electrical control failure. The compressor or the air fans may wear out inside, and need to be replaced. If you notice that your air conditioner has been turning on and off frequently, this may be the reason.

Wiring & Connections

The wires or the terminals may become a problem and these may need to be replaced too. Other common failure points include electrical connection points, and at contacts.

Bad Thermostat

All room air conditioners for the home contain a thermostat sensor, which is located behind the control panel on the front. This enables the unit to measure the temperature of the air that comes into the evaporative coil. But if the sensor is knocked out of place, the air conditioner can malfunction. It can cycle constantly, or turn on and off erratically.

Sensor Problem

The sensor should be properly placed near the coil, but not quite touch it. This is a simple fix that involves carefully bending and adjusting the wire that holds it in place.

Poor Drainage

Another problem that may need to be fixed with your air conditioner is that it may have drainage problems. The condensate drain may need to be checked to ensure that it’s not clogged and that it’s draining properly. Another reason the drainage may be faulty is if the air conditioner was not levelled properly during installation, so it may need to be removed and installed on an even level.

Doing repairs on an air conditioning unit is something that most homeowners have little knowledge about. If you discover that your air conditioner isn’t performing well, please contact us today to have it repaired.

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