What Are The Typical Food Items South Of India?

Probably the Indian food in general is not to the liking of all: spicy and very spicy. But this is not to say that no one is going to go hungry. In an increasingly globalized world is easier each time to find places where to eat a plate of pasta or pizza.

For those who discover the gastronomy of the countries they visit is an incentive I tell you that you can find in the food in the south of India. It is much finer and more elaborate than in the north. Have you ever experienced the delicacies on onboard luxury trains. If no, then you can taste all the South Indian cuisines on onboard Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train that will make you feel like royals.

Rice– It is the basis of any meal and accompaniment for any meal “wet”. There are plenty of types of rice, although the one that considers the king of them is the aromatic basmati rice. In the south there is a plate whose base is rice and you’ll see eat it anywhere, it is called chicken biryani and often among its ingredients.

Bread – There are a lot of choices to which richer: roti, chapati, puri, naan, paratha… worth a try them all to decide which like most.

Thal – In the south are usually served in a tray of steel deck with a banana leaf. On that tray bowls with dhal, vegetables, pickles and yogurt… and on the sheet that covers the tray cooked rice which is mixed with the hand with the other ingredients and is eating. Of course, anyone who wants a covered can ask.

Dosas – Large salty crepes that are accompanied by sambar (lentil soup) and coconut chutney.

Idli –  This is a light snack perfect as a snack. Are some cakes are round, white and fluffy. They are made with vegetables that often accompany also as the dosas of sambar and chutney.

Dhal – Dishes of legumes, chickpeas, lentils or beans, which are baked and then add clarified butter (ghee). Can also lead some vegetables.

Seafood and fish – Part of the diet of the south, and you can eat at the iron or in delicious curries

Beef – Although India is largely vegetarian there are a good number of people who eat meat. By religious taboos Hindus and Muslims do not eat beef or pork, so the most consumed meats are kid, lamb and chicken.

Vegetables – Cauliflower, potatoes, eggplant or carrots you can find fried, baked, mashed potatoes, breaded….

Dairy products – In this section include the consumption of cottage cheese and a delicious lassi, a drink made of yogurt.

Curries – Spicy sauces that serve as a basis for cooking meats and vegetables. The essence is usually the turmeric, but there are no set rules about what you can add to a good curry.

With regard to the place where to eat there is without a doubt for all budgets. From luxury hotels with gleaming white tablecloths to food stalls in any busy street. And of course no end of places for quotes media where you can eat well at moderate rates, asking that the food does not pique (and most of the times you get). As you read above about the luxury train, Jewels of the Deccan itinerary of Deccan Odyssey train can make you taste South Indian Delicacy on onboard journey.

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