How To Treat Your Pregnant Friend

Yes, your friend is completely preggers. If you two are BFFs, then buying her a random gift wouldn’t be enough. Here are several cool ideas to treat your friend while she’s pregnant:

Buy Her Baby Stuff

Go ahead and browse online baby gifts with her. She will have so many she wants to purchase and you can help her. If you don’t already know, newborn items are really expensive. You can help out so she can get something the new parents can’t afford. Even if she can afford it, you can still impress her with a unique toy. There will be lots of things to get before the bundle of joy arrives. So this would be a fun treat for both of you.

Cook for Her

Being pregnant is exhausting. Your friend would be gobbling up food during this time, but she will be too tired to actually work in the kitchen. If she is in the late stages of pregnancy, she might have trouble standing up for prolonged periods. She would also be a bit stressed, which is natural when the infant is due soon. So treat yourself both by preparing a delicious meal for her at home. She might not want to go out. Besides, homemade meals taste the best anyway. Even if you are not a cook, you can try putting together something. She will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Convert Her Living Room into a Temporary Movie Theatre

If your friend loved going to the movies, and has temporarily had to halt the habit on the account of being heavily pregnant, you can step in and help out. If she doesn’t have a home theatre, try converting her living room into a one. You don’t need to do much; just blocking out the light from the windows would be enough. Then enjoy watching a movie together and just hang out.

Take Her to a Spa

Yes, who doesn’t love spa treatments, even if they are not pregnant? This could be a treat for both of you. Find a spa that caters to pregnant women and you can go on and enjoy an evening getting pampered and spoiled. This would be a great reprieve for both of you.

Help Her Create a Baby Book

Most women start on the baby book while pregnant. You can help your friend with this. It would be quite fun, kind of like being back in middle school. There will be lots of stickers to paste and glitter to use, of course.

Design the Nursery with Her

Almost all expecting mothers are obsessed with getting the nursery room right. Step in and help her find the right colours, decorations, toys, placement for furniture and so on. Designing the nursery can be a bit stressful, so your friend will appreciate any extra help she can get.

Hire a Foot Massage Therapist

Pregnant women often have to suffer through swollen and tired feet on the account of all the extra weight they are carrying. So your friend will definitely love you more if you find her a foot massage therapist. She might not want to walk anywhere, so you can step up and pay for a home visit.

Your friend is going through an emotionally turbulent time right now. She will be wildly happy and also stressed in expectation of the birth. So try to find a way to distract her and make her feel appreciated using any one of the above ideas.

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