Sunny leone turning into Golden girl In Bollywood

Recently Sunny has been in lime light for her upcoming item number in Shahrukh Khan‘s Raees. With numerous Bolly flicks in her kitty, Sunny is one of the rising hot things in Bollywood. People are always eager to know more about her life happenings and we have a list of all the latest news on her with the latest collection of  Sunny Leone Photo :

Sunny Leone has always looked smoking hot in all of her movies and photoshoots. Her recent photo shoot with ace photographer Daboo Ratnani is what is in buzz now. Sunny played muse to Ratnani for a calendar photo shoot of a condom brand.Daboo released three out of twelve pics of the calendar photos and they were an instant hit. Sunny sported a brown coloured bikini showering under the trees and looked sultry hot in the pic. In another photo she donned up a sleek golden bikini with huge rocks in the backdrop. From what appears from the released pics, Sunny has absolutely rocked the photo shoot.

Sunny Leone is always known for her new hairdos and trend setting looks. She recently posted a selfie of hers on Snapchat with an all new hair style. She has straightened her hair and opted for a sleek and sexy look. She was wearing a basic moss green top in the selfie.But what stunned us was how close her pic resembled Katrina Kaif. Katrina has often been seen with straight black hairdo and Sunny looked a lot like her in her Snapchat selfie. She has often been seen sporting weird uncanny hair styles, sometimes purple sometimes pink dyed hair. But this time she followed the footsteps of Katrina and donned the black straight hair look.

Successful Bollywood hottie Sunny Leone has ruled adult movie industry in the past and has a book dedicated to her life story. But guess what! She is taking it one step ahead with a documentary on her life!indo-Canadian film maker Dilip Mehta is going to make a documentary on Sunny Leone named Mostly Sunny. The movie is going to reveal all the details of her life story of her relationship with her parents, how she entered adult movie industry, then switched to Bollywood movies and numerous details of her personal life.The most Googled Indian celeb certainly swept off Dilip’s feet when they first met and that inspired him to make a movie on her. He said “I didn’t really know what Sunny was about, till I… met up with her and I said I’ll do this under one condition – it’s a warts and all film, so there’s no holding back because otherwise it’s pointless. And she said that she also wanted to have a precise attitude to it, it was not going to be a fluff piece on Sunny Leone, the emerging actor.”Mehta also said that Indians are very tolerant irrespective of the recent allegations of Indian being intolerant. With reference to Sunny’s career in India, he stated that Indians are tolerant by saying “This is what is amazing is that in India today we’re having some huge issues about intolerance, about beef etc, etc. And just a week ago she was singing the national anthem and I say to myself, ‘Wow, hang on, we’ve got it wrong, we are a very, very tolerant nation’. You have a former adult star who stands up and sings the national anthem, I think that says it all, doesn’t it?”.

Here is 10 Picture of Sunny leone Which not seen any where on the internet hope you will enjoy.

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Here is Sunny leone First Infographic.

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