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New York City is a home to a population of over 1.1 million students in its school system. It has the largest population of students in the U.S., according to the Department of Education. Amidst the wide range of cultural, social, economic diversity are New York’s high schools which have more than, 311000 students, Private Catholic School New York are the best option for families seeking high- quality education for their children. An excellent private school will challenge the students to achieve academic success and also the personal success, without boarding facilities.

Like many other schools, Private Catholic School New York vary widely regarding academic rigor, but their standards are usually comparable to the public school’s curriculum. Private Catholic Schools don’t receive government money, so they are free to do anything as they choose. If seen from the perspective of education, then it is an advantage as the private Catholic schools can use their innovative instructional methods with the smaller classes.

At most of the Catholic Schools, students will have daily players in the morning and also before the meal and religion class, and the rest of the day is consumed by other classes like maths, English, and other subjects. Kids in Catholic Schools are taught within a culture of faith. Mostly public schools avoid the integration of religious and secular curriculum, whereas Catholic Schools strictly follow them.

Many of the Private Catholic School New York integrate modern technology into their curriculum, keeping this in mind that the kids will be expected to navigate an increasingly globalized world outside of school. Many of them have also created smart classrooms, smart boards, projectors, and digital cameras for interactive learning. The Catholic Foundation are the prize provided by many organizations.

One such school that offers various modern technologies and also the famous one in New York City is Archbishop Molloy High School. The mission of Molloy High School is to provide the best courses in Foreign languages, religion, fine arts and also in many other different areas. It is a Catholic Marist School that fosters excellent education in mind, body, and the spirit for the diverse college-bound population. Here, all the individuals learn about their self-worth and develop Christian values, critical thinking, and leadership skills for a lifetime.

Academic teachers are highly educated; they teach children not just like the teachers, but also as a friend. The faculty has an experience of 18 years. It’s 91 percent of the faculty have received the Masters or Doctoral degree. The school is a technologically advanced Private Catholic School New York with more than 295 computers, new computer lab, and wireless internet service throughout the compound. Each of its classrooms has a smart board and a video projector.

Students get to learn many things like-

1-They should be highly disciplined as they come to possess a strong relationship with Jesus, Mary, and Saint Marcellin.

2- Students recognize that God creates them with some unique talents and gifts, which brought their Baptism, means they are called to share with the Church and also the wider community.

3- The students embody a spirit which welcomes all.

The Molloy High School also offers various clubs and activities programs for the children that include Anime Club, Book Club, Italian Club, Dance Club, and more, as all these are equally important for the students. Also, offers many sports like baseball, basketball, golf, handball, etc. , has also received many awards in the tournaments.

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