Learn How Can Human Change Their Life Through Reiki

Reiki is known as a type of ‘spiritually guided life force energy’ that can do wonders. Being spiritually guided, we the humans act as a channel without interfering with the process. More precisely, Reiki is an intelligent energy source that enables successful completion of the healing process. The intelligence behind the energy urges Reiki practitioner to start with the healing process with just a little positive intention. Reiki uses its own consciousness, which precisely knows what type of treatment is required by a human, an animal or a situation.

Learn How Can Human Change Their Life Through Reiki

Reiki Healing Foundation has set up many Reiki healing centres across the world, which provide effective Reiki healing and Reiki courses. Similarly, the Reiki Healing Centre in Delhi also provides such services to the interested parties and individuals.

Learn Reiki to Personal Healing and Enlightenment

  1. Reiki as a Channel: A Reiki practitioner, also known as a ‘Reiki healer’, behaves like a channel that kindles pure Reiki energy to flow through its body into the body of the individual being healed. A Reiki practitioner uses certain types of symbolic hand movements and psychic energies, which use Reiki intelligence to work in the most incredible manner.
  2. Reiki Healing Foundation Urges to Be a Reiki: Reiki Healing Foundation suggests practicing Reiki as a spiritual practice using hands aimed at being a Reiki rather than just doing the Reiki. Daily practice involving Reiki techniques and principles using our hands on healing aspect raises vibration as a form of healing energy. The best Reiki practice involves practicing Reiki channel to keep its vibration up. As we keep on practicing to bring ourselves to the wholeness and authenticity, the enlightened self then illuminates others’ lives as well. Thus, we can make a big difference by contributing to the world’s well-being. Below are given some of the original Reiki precepts as sighted by the Reiki Healing Foundation.
  • Develop your heart/mind by releasing anger
  • Arrange your heart/mind by releasing worry
  • Arouse feelings and emotions by being grateful
  • Practice Reiki conscientiously
  • Be compassionate to yourself and others
  1. The Core of Reiki: If you really want to perfect Reiki as a healing and relieving mean, you should definitely read a Reiki book, ‘The Inner Heart of Reiki: Rediscovering Your True Self’ by Frans Stiene. Frans Stiene is the pioneer researcher who highlighted various aspects of Reiki including its history, significance and techniques. In fact, the above book written by Frans reflects the true spirit of Reiki as a science.

The book clearly reveals, the key mission of Reiki involves rediscovering our true selves by enlightening our supreme consciousness. Reiki Healing Foundation, including Reiki Healing Centre in Delhi, has urged people to adopt Reiki as a leading healing practice to cure various general and serious ailments. The practicing Reiki person should aim at building up an extreme compassion for others. If you are true to yourself, then you would surely change human lives with your enhanced compassionate maneuvers helping others in need.

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