5 Things You Should Indulge In At Least Once In Your Lifetime

There are things that are bad for you in excess, but nice to indulge in once in awhile, or at least once. It can be fun to try something new, but not do it all the time. Maybe avoid the all the time part for health reasons, or because you don’t want to break your pocket book. Either way, here are a few things that could be fun to do once, at least, for whatever reason suits you.

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Smoke A Fine Cigar

Cigars aren’t for everyone, and smoking them can cause health issues, but you should indulge in one at least once in life. People mostly smoke them that one time when someone has a baby. Maybe you want to enjoy a cigar with the boys when you go out for drinks (though, depending on where you live, you’ll be smoking them outside).

Drink An Expensive Shot Of Liquor

Most of the time when you go to the bar you probably pick a middle or lower shelf option when it comes to shots, but at least once you should buy that expensive bottle of bourbon or request the highest priced shot off the top shelf. You’ll be amazed at the smooth taste, and probably shocked by the bill, but it will be worth it.

Have A Fine Glass Of Wine

Just like with liquor, you probably try to save some money on your wine drinking and buy cheaper bottles. Maybe you buy a $20 bottle every once in awhile, and maybe you even buy a little more expensive bottle when there’s a reason to celebrate. Buy that $100+ dollar bottle, just once, and enjoy it.

Enjoy A Rich Piece Of Cake

Not many people can stand a really rich dessert, but it’s worth the sweet tooth taming to indulge in a really rich, expensive dessert, at least once in your life. If it’s too rich for you, share it with a friend or loved one. Just remember to add an extra twenty minutes of fitness to your weekly schedule afterward.

Eat At An Expensive Restaurant

Even if you can’t afford an expensive restaurant, you know, the type where you can’t get in without reservations, you should indulge at least once. Save up some money and make it an important night out, maybe for an anniversary or celebration of some kind. Have the most expensive steak, order the lobster, and don’t skimp on a nice drink to go along with it.

Sometimes you just need to indulge in yourself and enjoy something you normally wouldn’t. Even someone without a lot of money can do this if they only plan to do it once. Make it a day, or night, to remember.