Things To Be Kept In Mind While Renting A C-Arm Machine

The C-Arm is a part of an X-Ray image intensifier. It encompasses the actual X-Ray source and image intensifier. It is capable of many different types of movements that are used in a variety of surgical procedures such as orthopedics, cardiology, and urology. The C-Arm provides an appropriate structure to mount an image intensifier and an X-Ray tube.

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What to do while renting a C-Arm?

  • Manage your time well. You need to ensure that you get yourself, as much time as possible. You need to contact you C-Arm provider as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage to your timeline or schedule.
  • You need to inform the provider about your timeline well. This needs to be done so that the service provider can set you up with the best possible shipping needs.
  • You need to know the image intensifier sizes that you need. The size of the intensifier will depend on the type of studies you need to perform.
  • You need to have all sorts of technical information and be sure about the type of machine you need.
  • You need to acquire correct information about the machine you are renting so that you do not face a problem later.

What you should not do while renting a C-Arm?

  • It is not necessary that the machine you are renting will have warranty coverage. You should not take it for granted that the machine you are renting has guarantee coverage. You need to discuss the warranty plan with your service provider.
  • You should not take it for granted that the service provider will not charge you extra money to provide you the machine within the duration you have mentioned. Most C-Arm providers charge extra money to expedite your delivery.
  • In case you have no idea about how to rent a C-Arm then you need to look into a website which clears all your doubts and queries concerning this matter.
  • Do not assume that you will get accessories along with the machine you have rented. You need to ask your service provider if he or she is going to provide you with the accessories like sterile drapes, lead aprons and printers.
  • Do not assume that the shipping charges are included into the rental quote which has been mentioned to you.  Air ride van line is the safest way to ship a C-Arm. Expedited shipping takes only three to five days but is comparatively costlier than van line shipping.

You can also look up They provide you with C-Arms, which are both used and refurbished. C-Arm tables are also provided by them. They provide you with many varieties of C-Arm. The machines provided by them are of really good quality as well.

You need to clear all doubts, before renting a C-Arm. There needs to be transparency between the provider and customer so that you hire the correct machine to fulfill your needs. Check the reviews from the service provider’s past clients, before selecting a rental plan.