5 Ways Tea Can Make You Healthier

Tea is the most commonly used beverage around the world. One could hardly find any Indian household which is not accustomed to this unique drink. Introduced in India by the British, this beverage has now become a part of the Indian culture. Tea is usually served hot but at times could also be savoured cold. It is made by pouring processed leaves of Camellia sinensis over hot water. In India we add sugar and milk to add flavour to the drink. The tea plant is basically native to East Asia and was first used in China for medicinal purposes. Introduced to Western world by the Portuguese merchants and priests, it was familiarized in India by the British Raj. Tea has slight traces of caffeine present in different amount depending upon the varities which can make the consumer addicted to this beverage. Many flavours and herbs are added to the cured leaves to add specific qualities like aroma, taste and medical benefits. There are honey, lemon, ginseng, green and other varieties of tea which are unique for their different varieties.

Types of Tea and their Benefits

There are several benefits of tea that makes it a hugely popular beverage. Apart from being a savoury delight, it is also used for many medical reasons. These health benefits are mentioned below:

1. Green tea:

Green Tea

It is the highest consumed tea around the world not for nothing. The antioxidants present in the green tea helps in weight loss by burning fat; inhibits the unusual growth of bladder, lungs, breasts, pancreas, stomach; and reduces exposure to several neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. In India consumers could easily buy the green tea through various online dealers and e-commerce companies.

2. Honey Lemon Tea:

Honey Lemon Tea

This tea helps in fighting many heart diseases by reducing cholesterol. It also prevents sensations of nausea. Honey being anti-microbial helps in fighting many undesirable micro-organisms present in our body. It also helps in rehydrating dry skin.

3. Oolong Tea:

Oolong Tea

This Asian variety is known for its antioxidants and thus reducing cholesterol levels. It also helps in making bones stronger and facilitating the immune system.

4. White tea:

White Tea

It has many anti-cancer properties. Apart from that, it helps giving a radiant skin and lowering cholesterol levels. This variety of tea is easily available in the market.

5. Black Tea:

It has the highest amount of caffeine present in it and is a basic ingredient for many flavoured teas like one being consumed in our country along with milk and sugar. This is very helpful for smokers as it protects their lungs from many harmful effects of tobacco.
Apart from these, there are many varieties of tea which are blended with different spices to make them more composite. Spices like black pepper, clove, cardamom and basil leaves adds different flavours and makes the beverage more palatable. There is a big market for tea in India given its level of production and quality of tea produced, it has a huge potential to become an even important component of India’s exports.