The Best Sig Sauer Handgun Options at An Affordable Price

Sig Sauer has been known to manufacture the best pistols. If you were looking for a concealed carry weapon, consider the best Sig Sauer pistol. For people looking forward to owning a Sig, find below a few better-suited models for routine carry.

  1. P320 subcompact

A P320 subcompact pistol, succeeding the P250 series has been the greatest and latest from the Sig. The design offers a decent size for a Sig product that people have been searching for in their firearms. The series is modular thereby swapping the trigger groups between barrels, slide, and frame. The weapon is the smallest in the series.

It holds twelve rounds of 9mm; nearly seven inches in length stands nearly five inches tall, comprises a 605-lb trigger pull, and has a width of 1.3-inches. Similar to the predecessor P250 subcompact it succeeded, the P320 is immensely admired concealed carry weapon. The pistol is easily available. You would not have significant trouble finding the handgun in nearby stores. The P320 comes with an affordable price range – under $600. Therefore, you should not have any problem finding the handgun for about $500.

  1. Sig P238

If a person has an affinity for pocket guns, the Sig P238 would be the handgun for him. It has been a popular mouse gun available in the market. The design resembles the Mustang from Colt thereby making it popular with handgun lovers. It entails the 1911 design. The handgun encompasses thumb safety lock relieving you of the grip safety worries.

It carries six rounds. However, it could carry seven rounds using a larger magazine. The small size of the handgun makes it easier to fit inside your pocket. The handgun could also easily be tucked in the belt holster. The controls of the Sig P238 are similar to 1911. The 1911 fans would enjoy shooting the Sig P238. It would not be wrong to suggest that the Sig P238 is the best .380 shooting pocket gun available in the market.

The Sig has been known to offer numerous options. However, the base model begins at around $700 that most people consider slightly expensive for a small handgun. It would not be wrong to suggest that the pocket gun is worth your every dime spent. You would enjoy shooting the gun.

  1. Sig P365

The Sig Sauer P365 has been a highly admired concealed carry pistol available presently. The gun has been a few that rarely have a drawback for carrying. It does not hamper your budget as well. It has no big drawbacks to owning and carrying it. The cost of the pocket gun is also easily affordable.

The P365 comes with a few improvements such as a sleek subcompact pistol. The dimensions are 5.8-inches in length stand 4.3-inches tall, have a width of one inch, and a barrel of 3.1 inches. The half-staggered 10+1 standard magazine is a boon for the gun owner. The handgun is also available in 12+1 or 15+1 larger magazines.

Yet another feature of the subcompact size is its greater capacity. The standard night sights relieve you of the worry about the latest models. Most people consider it the best carry pistol. Sig could be made available for $500. Rest assured that the handgun is worth every dime spent.

  1. Sig Sauer 1911 Nickel Compact

The Sig Sauer 1911 series was considered the finest pistols made available in the market. These are the best models to look for in the market. The attractive finish of nickel PVO along with a wide range of features as compared to a few compact 1911 models would come at double the price. The extended beavertail safety grip, SIGLITE sights similar to the Novak, G10 grips, and skeleton-like hammer and trigger are some of the additional features of the gun. It encompasses a capacity of seven.45 ACP rounds. The handgun could be availed at $1198.

  1. Sig SP2022

Sig Sauer is popular for making the finest pistols. If you do not want to own a relatively smaller gun, consider buying a Sig SP2022. The slightly compact, classic double-action system, dual-stack 9mm, and a grip decocker are a treat to have.

The SP2022 is an addition to the 2000 Sig Sauer Pro series. Therefore, it has been named SP. It offers several features for a routine carrying handgun. The gun is 1.4-inches fat, weighs 29 ounces, despite using a frame made from polymer. The length of the barrel is 3.9-inches and 5.7 inches tall, making it easily manageable for a carry gun.

Therefore, concealing the gun is not easy due to its size. Moreover, carrying the SP2022 would require a strong gun belt. If you wonder why to invest in this gun, rest assured the decent size Sig Sauer is available at a $600 price. It could be availed for $500 or a lesser price. The specs of the SP2022 resemble the P229.

  1. Sig P938

For a person considering P238 an awesome weapon, it is perfect for them. It comes with 9x19mm, which is slightly improved for using the cartridge of 9mm.

It makes the weapon a relatively popular concealed pistol. You could carry it easily in your pocket. However, if you consider carrying it in the belt holster, the chances of the gun disappearing in your belt holster would be higher.

These handgun options would be suited to your needs. Choose the one suitable for your needs and budget at

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