How to Ensure You are Purchasing a Genuine Rolex Watch?

One of the worst feelings in the world is taking a piece of jewelry to an appraiser and finding out that what you have brought them is a fake or is not made of the quality metals you thought that it was. This is particularly true with jewelry like watches and among those, one of the most replicated watches is the Rolex watch. Before you make any purchase from any Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta, you need to make sure, to the best of your ability, that the watch you want to buy is authentic; here are a few ways to tell the difference.


Rolex watches are never inexpensive because of the craftsmanship, materials, skill and reputation that goes into the making of every authentic Rolex watch. Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta will tell you that even the least expensive Rolex watches are pricier and better made than just about any other watch on the market.


Rolex watches that possess a date window require that the date component be exceptionally small in order to get the best fit within the watch. To address that, Rolex adds a magnification glass that has a magnification ratio of a minimum of 2.5X. Fraudulent watches, claiming to be Rolex, will have a magnification rate at much lower, often as little as 1.5X. If when viewing the date through the magnification glass it appears small, hard to read or blurry, it is better than even that you’re dealing with a fake.


This indicator is kind of obvious, but if you’re buying your Rolex in a side alley or flea market or even in most cases, online, chances are you were dealing with a fake.

The easiest way to ensure that you were buying a genuine Rolex watch, is to only purchase it from Rolex buyers in Atlanta who have good reputations, reputable businesses and are certified Rolex dealers. Stick with that criteria and you will almost guarantee that you will be making a purchase of an authentic Rolex timepiece.


Discerning a fake from the quality of the engraving on the watch you are considering buying takes a bit of a practiced eye. At the least, you can identify a fake if the engraving looks blurry, imprecise and even splotchy. Genuine Rolex watches have engravings that are exceptionally precise, very thin and tend to light up when viewed in different light settings.

No one purchasing a watch that is alleged to be a Rolex wants to find out after the purchase that what they got is a fake. If you are working with Rolex watch buyers in Atlanta, as long as you stick to reputable sellers, you can rest assured that what you were buying is genuine. If, however, you are buying a Rolex watch from a third-party, utilizing these guidelines will help you identify a fake from the authentic.

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