Getting Engaged? Some Options for Gifts and Activities

If you’re getting engaged to your partner, a lot of the fun and bonding experiences that you can have will deal with gifts and activities. Even though you may be getting caught in the concept of love itself, paying attention to the details around gift giving can be an essential part of the relationship experience.

You can get your partner a big engagement ring. You could go on a romantic trip. You could give them truly focused attention. And you can also consider choices of eloping with them if you want to get rid of some of the stress of more traditional activities.

The Big Engagement Ring

If you decide to get your partner an engagement ring, what you want to aim for is for it to be meaningful. Maybe the expense is part of the meaning. Perhaps the color. Maybe the shape or texture. What you want to avoid is any sense of being generic. An engagement ring should symbolize something that just the two of you have together. That’s why if there’s any way you can customize the ring itself, this goes a long way into improving the bonding aspect of the presentation.

Going on a Romantic Trip 

Whether you’re just getting engaged or planning details for your honeymoon after you’re married, there’s a lot to be said for going on a romantic trip with your partner. And the definition of romance should be something that you both agree on. If one of you gets seasick, then an ocean cruise is not the best choice. But collectively you should be able to decide some activity that you can go on that involves romance and a bonding experience that you can keep as memorable for the rest of your lives.

The Gift of Focused Attention 

Though it might sound either trite or cliché, giving the gift of focused attention is a bigger deal now than it ever has been. In other words, make an agreement with your partner to put away cell phones and other devices when you’re with each other. This can be a tough transition for some people to go through, but the end result is that you will be much more present when you’re around your partner. Spending distraction-free time with someone that you’re engaged to can give you a real sense of who they are.

Choices for Eloping

Sometimes the best thing you can do if you’re planning on getting engaged is going over your choices for eloping with your partner. If you don’t want the stress of a traditional wedding, then just picking a place to go to get married can be a smart decision. You can do all the celebratory stuff later, but if the two of you decide that eloping will be meaningful to you, then make that choice together and go for it.


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