5 Things to Know why Travel in Rajasthan

A trip to Rajasthan is a unique experience.  This mythical destination captivates and seduces but sometimes worries future travelers too. Here you find in short all the unique things that travel better in Rajasthan.

1. Desert Safari

A walk through the sands brilliant yellows under the sun, far from the noisy life of the city. The only noise that you could hear is the noise of the Dunes of shifting sand, dance on the airs of the wind. As the sun disappears slowly, which facilitates the temperature and make room for a quiet evening, the view is breathtaking. Taking a tour of the camel, walking through the deserts, enjoying the local cuisine as well as traditional dance performances far away from your daily routine. The decor is it not planted for the perfect holiday?

2. The Forts and Palace

Rajasthan is the place where all your stories of childhood of the Prince and princesses take Life with forts and palaces well preserved, raising the voice about their glorious past of the Lake Palace to Amber Palace, Hawa Mahal Jai Mahal, a work of art, architecture, the concept and the paintings are pure brilliances. With a slight imagination, we can travel to North India in time and to have an overview of the way in which they live at the time.

3. Culture

India is a nation known for its culture where various communities together are webbed. In Rajasthan also, you can see a popular culture rich and varied villages and they are renowned for their music and folk dancing. To a certain extent, the landscape has played a major role in the development of cultural practices existing Rajasthan. The exuberant environment fairs, festivals and the colorful costumes will sharpen among you the envy to want more.

4. Rajasthani  Cuisine

“There is no love more sincere than the love of the food.” – George Bernard Shaw.

If you believe that, then the Rajasthani cuisine will not disappoint you. As the culture, habits have also been mostly affected by the location of the State. Because of the scarcity of water and the lack of green vegetation, they are especially known for the snacks that can be retained. They also use a lot of milk and its derivatives, in order to reduce the use of water and this is for the great pleasure of lovers of vegetarian food. The method of preparation of the meat is also slightly different from the rest of the nation.

5. Festivals

The largest state of Rajasthan, known for its rich tradition and its culture has so much to offer in terms of Festivals. Colored gasoline on the environment is well reflected in the course of its festivals. This is not all the days that you fall on camel races, competitions wrap to the turban, the fighting of Cock , The Polo on elephant and many others. The festivals offer you the opportunities to take part in the rich culture of the Rajasthan and bring home to you at home the best of memories.

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