4 Ways To Stress Less And Chill More

Life is full of twists and turns that can get our feathers ruffled throughout the day.  Sometimes things can be just like that Alanis Morissette song, “Ironic.”  You buy a new car, and you crash it the next week.  Every day is projected to be sunny weather except for the one day that you have off work.

When you feel like your life out of your hands, and you’re at the mercy of what happens to you, you start to feel stressed out.  You’re agitated and easily impatient.  You have an aversion to social situations and have trouble focusing on anything else but your frustrations.  

Stress isn’t just a feeling; it’s a state of mind which can affect our relationships and health.  To live a full and healthy life you should minimize your stress as much as possible.  Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

When you start to feel your blood pressure rise and your heartbeat as a result of something that you perceive to be stressful, take a minute to assess the situation honestly.  Ask yourself whether it’s really worth your energy.

Is anyone going to die?  Are you still going to be able to pay for your basic needs?  If the answer is yes, then chances are you might be overreacting.  Try to be more exclusive about what you stress over.  Think of your brain as valuable real estate.  Only allow the best tenants inside your beautiful home.

Repeat a Daily Mantra

Repeating a daily mantra to yourself which reminds of you of what’s important can be very transformative.  Mantras can be something which you create yourself or one which you adopt from someone else.

Examples include, “I am safe” “I am becoming more successful every day” “I am loved and appreciated” and anything else that encourages you to have a self-confident attitude free of stress.

 Smile More

Studies show that smiling throughout the day doesn’t just make you feel better, but you can transfer the energy onto other people too and spread the happiness wherever you go.

The simple act of showing your teeth exudes light and positive energy around you which will help you handle stressful situations.


Stress can often be a manifestation of pent-up energy which we need to release.  The next time that you feel stressed put on your running shoes and go for an intense workout.

Chances are you’ll feel ten times better once it’s finished. Getting your heart rate up and working up a sweat is better than any pill that you can take, and is a lot cheaper than therapy!





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