4 Most Common Reasons People Gain Weight

Weight is something that fluctuates depending on a variety of factors.  There is an enormous amount of focus on body image and weight in society, so unfavorable changes in weight can often be a stressful experience.

A bit of weight gain can be something which isn’t a severe issue but rather just a nuisance.  However, a significant amount of excess weight can lead to medical problems and health threats.  Therefore, it’s important to stay within a healthy range.  When it comes to why people tend to start packing on the pounds, here are the most common reasons.

Lack of Activity

To burn off the food that you consume so that it’s turned into energy rather than excess food, it’s essential to stay active.  Moving throughout the day burns calories and keeps your body in shape.

Many people have inactive lifestyles which lead to weight gain.  Whether they suffered an injury which holds them back from movement, or they aren’t motivated to go to the gym, there are many different reasons for why people may not be moving as much as they should.

If you’ve started to notice that your pants are getting tighter and you look softer in your midsection, you may want to be honest with yourself about your activity level.  Try to get more active throughout the day, even if it’s as simple as taking a walk a few times a day around your office.

Emotional Eating

Some people react to stress and sadness by eating more.  Since they feel an emotional void within themselves, they turn to food as a source of comfort.

A lot of people don’t even realize that they’re eating so much throughout the day. Continually grazing and snacking becomes such an integral part of their day that they don’t understand how many extra calories they’re putting on in reality.

Older Age

As you get older, your metabolism starts to change.  Many people who had very high metabolisms in their younger years and are used to being able to eat whatever they want are shocked when they start gaining weight in their older years.

Since their metabolism is slowed down, they’re no longer able to eat the same amount of calories without putting on weight.


Although it’s expected to gain between 20 and 40 pounds during pregnancy, some women gain over the recommended amount.  As a result, they keep the weight on after giving birth and find it challenging to get it off again.

It’s important to feed yourself when you’re hungry during your pregnancy, however, remain intelligent about quantities and food choices.  By making smart choices rather than treating your stomach like a garbage disposal, you’ll have less excess weight following the birth.



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