Can You Get A Credit Card If Your Credit Is Damaged?

Life can be very difficult for those that have damaged credit. Sadly, this is something that we see more and more these days with many people now coping with a low credit score and damaged history. When your credit is damaged, it can have a big impact on your financial future. This is why you need to take action to not only keep an eye on your credit but also try to repair it if your score is low.

If you are wondering how you can go about doing this, getting a credit card designed for those with damaged credit could help. These cards can help you to slowly rebuild your credit as long as you are sensible in relation to how you use and repay the card. You can enjoy the convenience of being able to do things such as pay for your grocery shop online, pay for your drivers license renewal, or make other purchases online or while you are out. However, you should avoid using the card to withdraw money because this will actually incur fees and charges whereas you won’t pay anything for car transactions as long as you repay the balance within the interest free period.

Finding a suitable Card for those with Damaged Credit

When it comes to finding a suitable credit card for those that have damaged credit, you need to make sure you do your research thoroughly. There are many companies out there that do offer these cards but the interest rates and terms can vary quite widely. By making sure you check and compare the different options, you will be better placed to find the ideal card.

One thing to remember is that the credit limits on these cards tend to be quite low, as the lender clearly does not want you to end up with lots of debt that you cannot afford to repay. One of the things you should check is what the maximum credit limit is with the card you are interested in. Of course, the amount you can borrow on the card will also depend on your circumstances such as your earnings and financial status.

Another thing you should look at is what rate of interest is charged on the card. Ideally, you should aim to repay the balance in full each month within the interest free period, as this will help you to build your credit back up more quickly as well as enabling you to avoid interest charges. However, if you feel that you may need to spread the repayments on the card, you will need to check the rate of interest. Also, do bear in mind that the interest charged on these sub-prime credit cards is generally considerably higher than on standard credit cards.

Finally, always make sure you check the terms and conditions with the cards that you are interested in. This will provide you with important information such as any fees and charges that may be applied or what the minimum payment will be.

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