Best Housewarming Gifts for Your Friend

House warming celebrations are an excellent time to get all your family and friends for celebrating your new investment. When you are invited for a friend’s housewarming party, you need to ensure that you get the right present which they can use and not just leave it stored in their basement. Here are some of the best items to gift your friend and their family during their housewarming party and celebrations –


Home décor
Home décor is an excellent choice for gifting your friend on their housewarming ceremony. The best home décor items to gift are usually artwork in paintings, flower vases with intricate work, statues and artifacts made with metal or plastic of Paris etc. Be sure that you know your friend’s style and preferences so that you can find the perfect gift for their house which they will actually use in their house and not just re-gift it to someone else! You can find excellent gift options at online e-gifting stores that send gifts to Jaipur for minimal delivery charges.

Potted plants for the garden
You can find some excellent plants and saplings for your friend’s garden if they have one. Try to buy plants which are auspicious such as money plants, lucky bamboo, beetle leaves plant etc. Apart from that, you can also look for some excellent low maintenance plants for indoor use which do not need a lot of sunlight. Be very particular about the choice of plants you get for your friend. If they are someone who like low maintenance plants, then buying a plant or shrub that needs extra care or attention will be a bad choice! Most of these plants can be found on gifting sites that send gifts to Jaipur and across India for minimal delivery rates.

Small home and kitchen appliances
Home appliances are generally an expensive choice for gifting someone but since it’s a housewarming event, this makes for an excellent gifting option. Usually, you can find excellent quality and branded electronics and appliances during the seasonal sales and discounts. Items such as mixer grinders, microwave, coffee maker and other kitchen and home appliances make for an excellent present! Another common gifting product is a sandwich maker, toaster, barbeque grill and so on.

Electronics such as sound system, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, electronic mopping devices etc. are excellent home electronic for gifting. You can find these on almost 50% off during the sales so its best to purchase these during that time. Be sure to check for all the warranties and product guarantees when purchasing electronics so that your friend can easily get the servicing or repair work done in the future for free of cost or minimal payments.


Apart from the presents, it is considered auspicious to show up with sweets at the housewarming party especially if it is an Indian housewarming party. You can choose from a variety of different sweets from Kanha Sweets Jaipur. They have the best range of Indian sweets and chocolates that you can select from.

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