5 Tips – Prepping Your Car For A Road Trip

Cars, mountains, group of friends, and a rough road that poses challenges—sounds challenging? Everything you need for that adrenaline rush. As fun and adventurous as it may sound, road trips also need a lot of planning. You cannot take anything for granted because you are basically on your own.

One thing is for sure — your car is your best friend for the trip. Before heading out on an adventurous sojourn, make sure that the fuel tank is full, the car windshield is intact, the spare tire has optimum air pressure, and tires are in perfect condition. Every road trip needs some preparation and here is what you need to do:

Everything needs to a check

Be it something as critical as car fluids or as essential as auto glass wipers, everything must be double checked. Your vehicle should be in the right shape. Make sure that the spare tire is in a pristine condition in case of emergencies. If possible, call a car servicing technician before embarking on your journey.

Take care of the tires

Take special care of the tires of your car as they work throughout the journey. The tire treads should be deep enough to produce the right amount of traction on the road. Check the air pressure before heading on the road to ensure a smooth journey. During winters, the tires should be a little less inflated and the air pressure should be optimum during summers. Check them from time to time during the journey.


Most people ignore taking care of the components like the windshields. Windshields are not essential for keeping wind, dust, grime, and the wind outside the car, but they provide structural support to the roof of the car as well. Irrespective of the make and model of your car, you are advised to thoroughly inspect the Hyundai, Honda, Toyota or Maruti Suzuki windshield before hitting the road.

Is your battery fully recharged?

The battery gets automatically recharged as you drive but you never know when it will completely exhaust. And if that happens in the middle of nowhere or midnight, then you might find yourself in a tricky situation. We suggest you carry an extra pair of battery or get your battery checked before heading for the mountains or the beach.

Keep an emergency kit

This one is a no-brainer. Make sure that the dashboard of your car has a kit of medicines, bandages, flashlight, and all the other essentials that you might need on the road. You may keep a blanket as well if you are traveling to cold destinations. Finally, keep extra headlight bulbs just in case they give up on you in the middle of the highway.

If you own a Maruti car, ensure replacing the damaged Alto windshield before heading out for the trip.

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