The Lesser-known Facts About Help Desk Outsourcing

Over the past few decades, there have been drastic improvements in the conceptual and practical administration of business organizations. The establishment of a call centre is one of them. And everyone knows about the numerous solutions that its inbound section renders to the customers. It basically revolves around picking up the call and responding to the incoming requests over the phone. Some of the main facilities include call answering, inquiry handling, providing product information and complete customer support. But there is another service which is often overlooked while counting the advantages of a contact centre, i.e. help desk outsourcing.

What is help desk outsourcing?

As the name suggests, it is a front-office process of appointing external service providers to help the customers as well as the in-house employees with both technical and non-technical problems. Help desks are considered as an all-rounder that provides a single point of contact (SPOC) between the end users and the company to perform a varied range of tasks. It employs an issue tracking software incorporated with a local bug tracker to deal with the different kinds of malfunction resolution requests. This system produces a unique ID for each user based on the name, job profile, the type of query and other factors. A help desk is primarily used to control the ITES glitches, eliminate troubleshooting complications from the root, offering comprehensive information about products quickly.

There are sub-divisions in a help desk outsourcing service according to the variety of reported matter. They are as follows:

Types of help desk services

  • Network support

The group of experts who are assigned this responsibility has to deal with both the networking areas, i.e. software, hardware and also infrastructure concerns. It involves checking the switches, backup system, overall database management, CRM integration, email configuration and firewall direction.

  • Server authentication

This team deals with all the security servers within an organization, IP address conflicts, network authentication and shares, application management, storage and content processing. The organization-specific core functions are also under the supervision of server validation specialists.

  • Desktop assistance

This is divided into two categories called first level and second level desk sides, on the basis of the complexity of operation. Also known as desk side support, this resource is availed by the outside vendors to administer system-based impediments such as laptop/ computer configuration, performance deterioration, programming issues and peripheral arrangement.

  • Telecom maintenance

Now, the most used equipment, i.e. a telephone is maintained by this staff. The concerned operators look after PBX, VOIP, MODEM, fax machines and call enhancement tools to ensure proper communication between the two ends. The toll-free service is an attractive aspect of this help desk outsourcing in Australia branch.

Benefits of help desk outsourcing

  • Increases support availability

The outsourcing service providers aid you from a completely different time zone. This feature allows the operators to be present beside the phone 24/7. The advanced paraphernalia employed in the organization is one of the reasons behind an incessant availability of the agents. In this way, you do not miss out on a single incoming call invitation.

  • Promotes flexibility and productivity

With the help of a steady and swift resolution of problems using the help desk option, you can achieve an overall improvised administration of the work flow. And in the end, your sales pipeline broadens leading to both increased monetary and non-financial profits.

  • Cuts the unnecessary costs

When you switch to outsource your help desk services, half of the expenditure incurred by the additional facilities is reduced. The money wasted on setting up a separate building, hiring and waging new employees, enforcing basic amenities to smoothen the operations and other hidden overhead costs are minimized. Moreover, the problems are supposed to be solved by “First Call Resolution” experts. So, there is no need to repeat the process and face extra charges in managing the consumer requests.

  • Improves the quality of service

If the business processes are performed efficiently, the standard of manufactured products and the offered services will be automatically ameliorated. Buyers can compromise on anything but the grade of products. That is why help desk reps prefer the quality of the solutions over quantity. Once the verification services are completed appropriately to substantiate proper manufacturing, repairing, test-running and the stages of SCM, then only goods are delivered to the purchaser.

  • Facilitates customer satisfaction

By the end of every sales mechanism, if you are able to pull off help desk outsourcing services in the best way possible, there are definite chances of acquiring happy customers. The aforementioned points about this solution are proofs of the fact that co-sourcing your help desks will earn you a large number of retained consumers and long-term business relations.

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