Celebrity Dad Mohamed Hadid Getting A Bad Online Reputation

Mostly known for being the father of both supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid, Mohamed Hadid is also known for competing in the Olympics for downhill skiing in 1992. Despite is rise to fame previous to his daughters and the Olympics, Hadid has had some run-ins with the law lately that is dramatically impacting his online reputation. Another important part of his career has been in real estate with luxury properties, mostly in Bel Air, California. Unfortunately, that has recently slapped him in the face. Not only are their several negative search results on the first page of Google but Hadid’s daughters are disconnecting themselves from their father to protect their careers. So what did Hadid do to ruin in relationships online and offline?

There is a Bel Air mansion that Hadid was responsible for renovating and bringing the building into compliance. He was accused of illegally building a home that was taller than what is allowed by Bel Air city laws and state laws unless one has a special permit. LA authority asked the millionaire to stop developing 3 years ago but since, it has been an extremely long process to reach a verdict. If Hadid continued construction after the mandatory halt, it would be considered an offense to the city and criminally. Despite the restrictions, Hadid continued to develop the Bel Air mansion. Unfortunately, he was sentenced at the end of July to 200 hours of community service and thousands of dollars in fines. It just goes to show how celebrities still do not have certain privileges either. After the sentence, many news articles surfaced and drown his name in search engines. All that showed in July and continues to show today are result headlines ruining his online reputation; “sentenced”, “fines”, “community service” are all words that are contributing to the falling of his real estate empire and career.

Although he argues that he is not the individual responsible for getting the appropriate permits to build, he remains responsible in the court’s eyes. Whether he was responsible or not, the courts, the news outlets, and the internet shows that he is in the wrong. Noticeably, there has been a significant difference in the search engine results since these reports broke in late July of this year. Is it possible that Hadid has been consulting an ORM Agency or Reputation Management Agency? It is not unlikely that the millionaire is protecting his online reputation – possibly not for, but for the success of his daughter’s and his family’s name.

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