All About Cyber Knife Treatment

In the latest cancer procedures cyber knife ranks among the top. A new and revolutionary approach has been adopted towards treatment of cancer with the evolution of the same. It is an outpatient process where the cancer cells are being destroyed through the process of radiation. The major benefit of this form of surgery is that there is no risk as with the case of conventional surgery coupled with the fact that side effects are a bare minimum. To any part of the body radiation could be provided effectively as well.

The Steps

  • During the procedure, the patient is asked to wear a custom plastic mask along with a body cradle and lies on the table.
  • Before the process of actual radiation treatment, an imaging system goes on to acquire X rays of the exact position of the patient. This information is then coordinated with the one that is available from the CT scan
  • This process is gone to be done between 50 to 200 varied positions, and this is performed around the patient so as to complete the treatment. At different juncture, the robot goes on to stop and the additional x rays are figured out. This allows the cyber knife to track down the small movements of the patients as well.
  • The best part about this procedure is that it works out to be a painless procedure and it does take an hour to undertake it. A patient could return back home and then undertake all their normal activities. If you consider the treatment option to be staged, then the entire process has to be repeated and the whole process for treatment delivery has to be obtained as well.

The Advantages

This is a procedure that is preferred over surgical methods (invasive) as the complications are on the lesser side. In combination there are some advantages associated as well

  • As the radiation imaging method is accurate, it would point to the fact that high doses of radiation can be used, providing a patient a better chance of recovery
  • The difficult to reach tumours could be reached, and the chances could be that many of them may be termed as unreachable
  • As the tumours goes on to receive radiation from different angle, minimum amount of damage is caused to the healthy tissues
  • No skull pins or metal frames are required
  • The recovery time is a bare minimum as most of the treatment is being performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Minimum amount of sedation is assured and pain is reduced as well
  • Patients who undergo this treatment can return back to their normal life within a short time span

Once the radio surgery course of treatment is done, then an MRI scans needs to be performed in the next 3 to 6 months. The doctor is going to explain to the patients the details of the procedure before the treatment. Cyber knife treatment in India is on the lower side because of the lower rate of complications associated

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