3 factors To Consider-should You Fix Or Replace Your Boiler

If we have a customer who’s boiler is broken down we always hear the same question. Could it be worth mending or must i replace it? Whenever I hear this question my answer is definitely the same. This will depend. It depends on a few things but what most people wish to know is that finally they make the right decision based on my professional impression. The very last thing you want to do is be misled with a person you trust to give a professional service. So without throwing away any time let’s take a look at what should be considered before mending your boiler.

The age of your boiler

A vintage boiler may have run well for a long time but every workhorse gets to the point where it starts to struggle. A long time of regular use can cause marvelous wear on boilers and although it might not exactly have had any issues in the past, a breakdown could be the to begin many. If your boiler is around 10 years old then it’s likely that high that if it hasn’t given you many problems in the past, it may be about to set you back some serious profit repairs.

Younger boilers don’t generally have as much issues if you are confronted with a more recent boiler that requires repaired it must just be to misfortune. Your boiler should feature a warranty of at least 24 months. If your boiler really needs replacement parts equipped within this time around the manufacturer will cover this as this is the minimum expected life expectancy a maintained equipment. Regularly serviced boilers can go years without requiring replacement parts and an early breakdown doesn’t automatically forecast many years of issues in advance. Overall I’d encourage you to definitely consider mending a more youthful boiler before spending a lot of money to fix a vintage well used one.

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Repair cost

Another common question people ask when their boiler breaks down is how much you will be charged to obtain it ready to go. The immediate answer is I’m uncertain but I’ll have an improved idea once I really know what the situation is. Package all repairs will cost the same to repair just as with car fixes, a heating engineer should determine first of all what the issue is and then what’s had a need to get that concern resolved.

In most cases, older boilers are more expensive to fix. That is right down to more expensive components as after 10 years of production they’ll no more make parts for an old boiler. The scarcer the spares, the higher the cost. Newer Combi’s have well-crafted components and shouldn’t breakdown if well retained so should cost less to fix as parts tend to be more accessible and cheaper. In case your boiler is newer nevertheless, you still find yourself with an expensive repair then don’t fret. An expensive repair is cheaper when compared to a new boiler and could be the one money you may spend mending it for years to come until it’s time to replace it.


This can be the main factor to consider whenever your boiler breaks down as it might save you big money in the foreseeable future. Is your boiler in good condition or bad condition. It may seem because you have a new high efficiency combi that it is worthy of spending a few hundred pounds to obtain it ready to go but if it hasn’t been taken care of then you may be better spending that money on an upgraded, it can be a much better investment. It’s important to realise that old or new your not going to waste money on something that’s not going to be affordable in the long run. It might be anticipated to poor maintenance or exterior factors like rust but whatever the age it’s your engineer’s job to tell you when it’s not worth wasting your cash.

Your boiler needs more frequent repairs

When you are frequently resetting or topping in the pressure in your boiler, then it might be time to displace it.Although a fresh boiler can seem to be a substantial investment, the installation cost of boiler repairs can be considered a source of frustration. When you are calling out an engineer to boiler repairs sheffield an array of problems that go above and beyond general maintenance, enough time may attended to look at a new boiler.

The cost of maintaining your boiler is on the up

In case your heating engineer tells you that it’s becoming more challenging to source the necessary parts to service or repair your boiler, then this may have a knock-on effect on your prices. This can lead to higher maintenance costs – as well as the increased costs you’re likely to face if your boiler isn’t as useful as it could be.

A straightforward gas analysis test can confirm the efficiency level of your boiler of course, if your boiler’s net efficiency is significantly less than 75%, the probabilities are you’re losing more that 25% of the energy that you’re spending money on.

Words of wisdom

Learning that your boiler has divided is a stressful situation but don’t make it way more by getting the incorrect people in to consider it. There are very few plumbers in Edinburgh capable of Diagnosing and mending these types of problems. That’s where you really have to employ a heating engineer. Be sure you pay attention to their suggest, they know best. Do not make mental decisions that aren’t going to profit you long-term.

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