Organizing Your Kitchen This 2018

The holidays have passed and it is now the time to give your home a 2018 makeover, especially your kitchen. Despite what most people think, de-cluttering your kitchen space is actually not as difficult as it sounds. You simply need to organize some things and know which items to get rid of.

Here are some organizational tips that you might want to consider to jump-start your new year:

Keep it neat and simple

This kitchen is undeniably chic, elegant, and organized. You can see that the owners of this kitchen wanted the space to be as light and cosy as possible. It’s also filled with storage units, making sure that every kitchen utensils and equipment have their own space. This means that there would be no reason to leave so many items on the counter, except for some decorative and functional pieces. Handle-less cabinets also make this kitchen look contemporary and pleasing to the eyes.

Share your blessings

Most of us have probably received gifts during the holidays that we don’t really need. It’s either a random household item, a kitchen utensil that you already own, or a wine bottle that you’re not really fond of. Whatever it may be, avoid leaving it untouched and instead give it to someone who needs it more than you do. Remember, nothing is wrong with re-gifting.

Have a look at the contents of your fridge

Let’s be honest, can you still remember the last time you used that bottle of ketchup? When did you buy that pack of beans? Do you even know every single item that’s in your fridge? No? Then now is the perfect time to take out every content and determine if they’re still safe to use or not.

Also, be sure to check what’s already in your fridge before placing some more. That way, the next time you go grocery shopping you’ll be less likely to buy unnecessary things.

Let some of it go

How many mugs do you really need in one house? If you already have more than enough to utilize, then why not donate some of it to charity shops. That way, you’ll also be able to give back and help some people’s lives even in the simplest of ways. It’s so easy to grow your crockery collection, but try to be sensible and let go of some items that you don’t need.

Revamp the look of your space

Do yourself a favour and clean up your counters, and give them a thorough clean before putting them back again. After that, take a step back and savour the result. Also, while cleaning each item, think carefully if it needs to be placed back on display or not. Ideally, you should only display the items that you can use on a daily basis.

If you want to increase the style of the space, you can always repaint the walls in a relaxing high gloss colour to promote a cosy atmosphere. After all, high gloss kitchens design will always be on-trend.

May these ideas help you out not just for the start of the year, but every single day as well. Organize your way through 2018 with these practical kitchen ideas!


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