How Certified Energy Healing Practitioners Can Help You

Energy healing is a holistic approach to addressing both emotional and physical ailments. It’s been practiced throughout the world for years; in fact, some civilizations practiced it centuries ago. But, some people are skeptical about using non-mainstream medicine and wonder if a certified energy healing practitioner can really help them. Here’s what you need to know about energy healing and how it may be able to help you.

Energy Life Force

The first concept to understand is what energy is. When talking about energy as it relates to the body, energy is an actual life force that allows our body to function properly. This energy comes from the earth’s elements like water, air, sun, and earth. It flows through our body in the form of aura and chakra. The aura is composed of auric fields that surround the body and extend out. Your chakras are how light energy is channeled in your body.

Energy Imbalance

There are 7 major chakra centers that should work together to keep your body in good health. When this energy is out of balance, there are different health problems that can occur. These problems are a result of a blockage of energy flow in the body’s energy paths (meridians) due to a reaction to life events rather than viruses or other outside sources.

What Energy Healers Do

Integrative energy healing practitioners can help restore the flow of energy using a few different methods. Some practitioners specialize in one method, while others may use a variety of therapies. Acupuncture is a well-known and ancient form of healing that clears the meridians of the body. Reiki is a therapy that channels universal energy to restore healing. Kinesiology taps directly into the area of the body where energy is blocked to heal it.

Ailments Treated with Energy Healing

Energy healing helps clients deal with problems caused by internal and external forces. These include anxiety, depression, childhood programming, nutritional deficiencies, environmental stress and toxins, and more. These forces can manifest in the body as chronic pain, digestive issues, low energy, and stress. Energy healing can even help with hormonal issues. The goal of a certified energy healing practitioner isn’t to heal your body, but to provide a means for the body to heal itself. The basic belief of energy healing is that the body has the ability to heal itself and its natural state is perfect health, which is possible when the energy within is balanced and flows freely.

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