Unexpected and Pleasant Surprise For Parent’s Day

Unexpected and Pleasant Surprise For Parent's DayIt was the middle of the summer and the 4th July was coming. I have never presented any gifts to my parents on Parent’s Day but always congratulated them verbally. For some reason this summer I decided to do something different. It is hard to explain but it felt like nothing has been done enough to express all my loving and respect to parents who have given so much to me. I have grown up a long time ago moved to a large city got my own family and nice job but it was all thanks to these two wonderful people who have given every possible effort to do anything they could in order to bring me up.

The only proper thing that could have been done was to go to VipIris.Com order flowers to my parents. It looked like it is going to be an ordinary and very simple process but I wanted to make sure that everything is as perfect as possible including the bouquet and delivery. There must have been an element of surprise and sheer pleasure as I was perfectly aware that it is not expected at all. The first thing that ought to have been done to order flowers was to fins an ideal flower shop that would have been perfect for the mission.

I started to prepare in advance so that it is not left for the last day. Indeed I was very lucky as there was plenty of time to do proper studies of the websites that belonged to local flower shops in the area. I have found three very good sites and the only one must have been chosen. All of them had clearly outlined the terms and conditions for the services the firms provided and the range of products on offer were very much decent. One of the shops was particularly good with very attractive prices and many additional options to choose from. The online flower shop looked very attractive to me hence it was decided to stick with its services.

I also wanted the flowers to be fresh right on the day o0f the delivery and this is why the option for same day delivery was chosen. According to the terms and conditions that were stated on the sight the flower shop could have provided cheap same day delivery if it is done within the local area. Luckily, my parent’s house located just a couple of miles away, so that it was possible to send flowers at very competitive price. I looked at the site for several days and found a bouquet that was very attractive to me whereas the probability that it will be sent was very high.

The bouquet was made of graceful white and red stem roses as well as it had a few white Asiatic lilies and some seasonal greens. It looked simply impeccable and gorgeous. The local flower shop provided several options to go for. To make sure it is as presentable as possible I went for the premium option so that it was guaranteed that the bouquet will be arranged at its best. It also came together with a matching red glass vase, which looked absolutely ideal.

I prepared everything by adding this bouquet in the shopping basket and also added a message card and three balloons. It was all prepared before I was going to order flowers on vipiris.com/usa website and I even had some time to make amendments if I change my mind. On the 4th July, nothing has changed and I made the payment. My parents received the gift very shortly and it came as a complete surprise.

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