Best Ways In Which You Can Help ADHD Students Focus

Children with ADHD have trouble focusing on one thing, especially if it is not stimulating their attention. Teaching such children can be a challenge, more so if you have no idea how to handle them. However, thanks to research, it is possible to carry out successful lessons with ADD/ADHD children in your class.

One of the ways to do this is by having them focus long enough during the period. You can try a combination of methods so as to have a more effective outcome. Here are some of the things you can do to make your classroom friendly enough to host these children.

Best Ways In Which You Can Help ADHD Students Focus

Make Lessons Exciting

Stimulating lessons provide the best way to capture and hold the attention of your students. Think outside the box when it comes to teaching attention deficient learners. Use different media that stimulate the brain more. Think of multimedia, using lights, colors and other exciting teaching tools away from monotonous blackboard and textbook teachings. Children will find this an exciting way of teaching that allows them to use all their senses. You will also find teaching the class easier as you do not have to work hard trying to bring distracted minds back to you.

Remove All Distractions

Create an environment with minimal distraction. Place the student in the surrounding of children with a calmer persuasion. They will not distract the children with any fidgeting behavior, allowing the child to focus on his or her own work. Do not place the student near a window or an area with lots of movement as this will draw away his or focus from the lesson taking place. An area where children frequently pass will also not create the best atmosphere for an ADD student.

Make yourself the Focus of the Room

Ensure you have adequate space between desks to pass. Frequent movement up and down the class as you teach will draw the attention of the student to you. The student will follow you, making it easy for him or her to learn as they focus on you. As always, make your teaching exciting so that you are not just droning away and they are just following your movements.

Use different Ways of Teaching

Interchange the activities that take place in the class. The lesson should not be one sided. Talking from the time you enter the class until the time you leave may make the class boring for the children and they will eventually drift off. Have the children do something in between such as reciting a passage, chanting math equations and other such things. Having the children involved in the lesson will allow them to be interested in what is happening and therefore focus better on your lesson.

Allow for Controlled Fidgeting

Studies show that allowing the children to fidget improves their focus. Controlled fidgeting will not act contrary to your efforts to catch their attention. Having the children fidget with an object helps them to focus better. There are many items that you can use to induce this fidgeting. Some of the items are discreet and will not distract the other children. You can use stress balls with strings that attach to the wrist of the child. This way, they will not roll off their hands and have the child chasing them across the classroom.

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