The Different Topics You Might Come Across In The UK Theory Test

Are you taking part in the theory test UK 2017? If yes, then this article is for you.

If you are sitting for your theory test exam this 2017, then you might want to know of the different topics within this test. By understanding these topics, you give yourself a better chance of passing the test with flying colors.

The theory test UK covers includes the following topics; alertness, hazard awareness, road and traffic signs.

These are not the only topics as the theory test covers a wide range of topics. However, you ought to understand that you might not necessarily be tested on all the topics. However you ought to focus on the following topics as these might actually appear in your test.

Alertness; the alertness topic is meant to test your mental preparedness to drive on the roads. Here you will be tested on concentration, anticipation, observation and distraction.

Here is a sample question; Dust accumulated on your interior mirror may?

  1. Distract your attention
  2. Restrict your view
  3. Help your concentration
  4. Improve your driving

The correct answer for this should be; B. restrict your view and A. Distract your attention.

Hazard Awareness; this topic mainly tests on hazard awareness, how well prepared are you to identify hazards and deal with them?

Here is a sample question; a child crosses quickly in front of you and you have to pull a hard brake. What should you do?

  1. Ignore and continue driving
  2. Sound your horn to show your displeasure
  3. Hit and run
  4. Hit emergency brakes to stop the car

The correct answer to this question is D, hit the emergency brakes to stop the car. To improve your knowledge on this topic, you should practice more on driving.

Road and Traffic Signs; this topic requires you to know the various road and traffic signs, you ought to know and identify the various road marks. You should also be aware of the speed limits in your locality as well as understand the set rules and regulations on road usage.

Here is a sample question on road and traffic signs; signs that give driving instructions are?

  1. Blue and circular
  2. Blue and square
  3. Red and circular
  4. Green and rectangle

The correct answer for this is A, blue and circular. The best way to master these kinds of questions is by knowing and understanding your traffic signs and road marks. You may not be taught all the roads signs and their meanings during your driving lessons. This is why it is utterly important that you revise sufficiently for your theory test.

These are just but a few of the many topics covered in UK theory test. As a candidate for this test, you should be eager to learn more about this topics, their contents and any possible questions that might be tested. Keep in mind that revision and practice is the only key to success in the UK theory test. Therefore, get all the revision materials you need, study well and practice sufficiently for your theory test this 2017.

All the best!

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