Iconic Movies Shot In Goa

Give Bollywood directors a script mentioning the words beach, fun, sun and sand and they’ll look no beyond than the breezy land of Goa. No wonder iconic movies have been shot there. Most of them are also our favourites. See the connection? Whether it’s the dark, fun or deep, every script has made it to Goa.

We’ve made a small list of the best movies shot in Goa. Read on to find out if your favourite made it to the list.

Dil Chahta Hai

dil chahta hai goa

No second thoughts cross my mind when I claim it to be the coolest film Bollywood ever created. If Goa and Bollywood are a part of the same language then nothing speaks it better than Dil Chahta hai.

On their adventure getaway, Akash {Aamir Khan}, Sameer {Saif Ali Khan}, and Sid {Akshaye Khanna going to Goa represent} made going to Goa like living the American dream in the bungalows in Goa. The 3 guys chilling in the iconic scene at Chapora Fort hits all the right buttons. An uphill trek from Aguada will take you to Chapora to catch breathtaking views of the blue and green waters.

Dear Zindagi

dear zindagi goa

This movie is a refreshing change from how Goa is represented usually in popular culture. The focus is largely on the therapeutic side of sunny and breezy Goa and less on the usual tourist destinations. One is bound to get healed of any problem in one of the prettiest places in the world especially if the person treating you is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. From the open fields to traditional homes, quiet beaches, and rickety ferry rides, villas in Goa —you’ll get a hang of all of them in this 2-hour package.

Finding Fanny

finding fanny goa

The movie is about 5 goofy characters played by 5 amazing actors coming together to find the love of one of them. All of this and more madness set to the backdrop of the scenic rural Goa! Ah! What more can one ask for? Shot in picturesque villages like Socorro, Cortalim, and Saligao — you get served a slice of true Goan life. The road trip across Goa brings to highlight the open fields, wayside forts, churches, hills, sunsets and an urge to instantly pack your bags.

Apart from these the Golmaal series, Honeymoon Travels pvt Ltd. and Dum Maaro Dum encapsulate the true spirit of Goa.

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