DJ vs. Band: Which To Choose and When?

Celebrations always include entertainment, and entertainment is almost synonymous to music. Where music is involved, one of the most common questions hosts ask is this: should we hire a DJ, or should we get a band?

Below, we briefly summarize some things you should consider before you choose between a band and a DJ for your next party.

Bands bring Life to the Party

Whether you realize it or not, live music affects the mood of the party in ways nothing else can. Live singing and having real instruments play music provide an unparalleled experience that makes your event an extra memorable one. Once the band plays, you instantly feel the urge to either sing along or grab your guests to join you on the dance floor. Live music creates an inviting vibe that engages your guests and makes a perfect event come alive.

Is a Band better than a DJ?

Both a band and a DJ have their pros and cons. The DJ can come up with a playlist that offer a wider range of music made by its original artists including those that currently top the charts. DJs are convenient to find and easier to book. Furthermore, DJs tend to cost less, as you will be spending for one person’s skill and equipment instead of a whole band where charge is often on a per musician basis. Therefore, if a band will work for the same price as a veteran DJ, make sure that they are worth the entertainment value.

Role of a Bandleader or DJ

A bandleader or a DJ works closely with your vendors to ensure that the timeline of your event’s program runs smoothly. When either of them step into the venue they read your crowd and see to it that you hear the perfect song played at the perfect moment so that you and your guests will remember the night forever. They are the purveyor of feelings that add flavor to the theme and mood of your event.

Tips in finding the Right Band or DJ

There may be a handful of available entertainment companies in your area. It’s best to check their websites and read reviews from real clients that will help you screen your prospective music provider.

Most bands and DJs hold performances where you can see for yourself if it is a band or a DJ that fits your event. Regardless of the option you choose, having music to entertain your guests will liven up your event and make it a day or night to remember.

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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