5 Popular Games and Sports Among The Kids

Games are important to kids. Not only are they fun but they make them physically active. There is nothing wrong with a kid being physical active.

In fact kids who are physically active have a better healthy and strong than kids who don’t play any games. Games reduces the chances of obesity in kids. Through games kids learn a lot of things.

If you have a playful kid, that’s perfect, because you can join the fun by playing the games with them. Below these pages, you will learn the top 5 popular games that kids play in school today.

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball have become every kid’s favorite. Kids as young as 4 can join the sport. Boys can play baseball while girls can play softballs.

There are physical and social benefits that kids gain when they play these games. The kids learn how to balance and have a strong hand-eye coordination which is a key skill to be better with baseball.

On the social side, the kids learn about teamwork, discipline and leadership. These social skills are essential because as they play will take on different roles.


 The boy’s favorite. Nearly 90% of boys love soccer. The fun of running with a ball and dribbling past your opponent is something that most kids love.

At a younger age, you’ll see kids obsessed with this game when they watch their favorite fun soccer star play like Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Most soccer teams in the U.S are registered with The U.S Youth Soccer Organization.

The organization sponsors games and players to promote the soccer games in the US. The beautiful things about soccer is that it holds the kids attentions unlike other games that kids get bored with.

Bicycle Racing

 Nearly every kid has ridden a bicycle. In fact, it is what most kids start with in their life. Where their pap or mom holds the back as the kid cycle off the kids are on their own.

Through bicycle kids learn balance and coordination. Kids that love riding a bicycle, tend to take part in the bicycle racing competition.

Besides being fun, bicycle racing is a great way of keeping kids active. It’s also a great form of exercise


Apart from soccer, basketball is becoming more and more people sports. According to ESPN, more 450,000 girls and 550,000 play for school-sponsored team.

In basketball, your kid learn endurance and ankle stability. Since  basketball is a fast-paced sports kids learn how to think fast on their feet and respond quickly to changes that are happening on the court.


Football is the next sport that kids love. Although most parents see football as a risk sport, many are beginning to appreciate the sport because most of their kids love it. Football is mostly popular in high school and university.

Most of the American children are now switching to kids and toddlers scooter, hoverboard, electric gazette etc from ground sports. But you now know the 5 most famous games and sports that were  popular in America was as above . You can encourage your kids to play those games.

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