In the present smartphone marketplace, the number one subject is cell phone’s battery life. I have seen phones by a little more effective battery backup, however maximum of the smartphones still do not last a full day on a distinct charge. The Chinese producer called Oukitel is capable of creating terminals by some severe features for a astonishing price tag. Same is the case by their closing smart phone of the preceding year, oukitel k6000 pro. However it lacked a few features: a finger print reader, Full-HD display, newest Android otherwise anything that creates the terminal value to be named a mid-tier mobile phone of 2016.


Design plus Built of OUKITEL K6000 PRO 4G Phablet

 The design of K6000 pro 4G phablet is very attractive plus it boasts an additional premium design having around 70% percentage of its body made of complete metal chassis. The K6000 pro derives in three diverse colors; Champagne gold Carbon grey, as well as glacial silver.

The border is completed with a glossy metal with chamfered ends, the volume modification, and power buttons are prepared of metallic as well.

At the rear is a Fingerprint sensor sitting just under the Camera plus dual LED flash. The back is covered through a metal having arched edges and flattened mid-section with very smooth surfaces, this offers the device an actual amazing and comfy feel in hand.

The K6000 pro has a width of 9.8mm as well as weighs about 214 gram, it is not hard to tell that the K6000 pro’s huge battery is the main contributing issue to its weight.


The display section is one of the parts in which the oukitel smartphone K6000 pro certainly shines related to its predecessor, The K6000 Pro sporting a 5.5″inch 2.5D Arc Display with FULL HD(1920p×1080p)  devising a PPI (Pixels per-square-inch) of 408.


The phone is power-driven by a MediaTek MT6753 processor which has been a pretty widespread processor amongst several smartphones in this value range. It’s an octa-core processor containing eight Cortex-A53 core all clocked at 1.3GHz.


Oukitel is running Android 6 Marshmallow here on the K6000 Pro. And fortunately, the device is running a stock form of Android. Meaning that you are getting a skill that you would get from a Nexus, minus a rare other things. You moreover get to experience Material Design there are only a few variations that Oukitel prepared to the software here, and several of them can be altered by installing a third-party launcher.

If you are in search of a smartphone with a enormous battery, that will last you all day, if not two full days as well as a camera that will certainly fulfil your elementary needs, then the Oukitel K6000 Pro is certainly the way to go.

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