The GPTOYS Foxx S911 is a potent and fast RC car that is budget approachable. This RC car comes by everything that you requisite inside of the box, almost two AA batteries. There are easy to follow directions to inset the battery package. You moreover get a Phillips screwdriver as well as a Hex wrench thus you can take separately the RC car without requiring to have the tools by now. All of the portions in the S911 are useable, meaning that the entire car can be taken separately. You can regulate the height of the car to make easier toward drive in grass.

The wrapping of the S911 is diverse from other RC cars in the similar price range. The packaging is an enjoyable box with a sketch image of the S911. The box is well constructed and can be used toward store the car and other items while it is not in use.


The design appearances like a very big toy car. But, this is not a toy, as it could reach 33 mph. This is additional of a hobby car than RC car destined for children. The construct is durable even if maximum of the truck is plastic. The tires appearance like that they would do fine off-road with their bottomless treads, however the car loses grip quickly on soft surfaces. Driving on hard outsides like roads plus paths, this RC car can actually move.

The controls are actual easy to learn. Some novices may have difficulties when they first start driving the S911, by way of the car speeds up actual quickly and the controls are delicate. However, once the controls are educated, the S911 is easy plus fun to drive.

The battery that derives with the rc moster truck S911 is a Li-on battery that usages a US Plug charger. If you live outer of North America, you will requisite to purchase a converter to use the battery pack. You will moreover need 2 AA batteries for the Receiver. The Li-on battery takes around 30 minutes to charge. The problem by the battery packet is that you have towards remove it every time that it requirements charging. This merely takes a minute or two, however it is still a pain. Fortunately, the S911 derives with the screwdriver required to open and close the battery section. The Li-on battery life is about 15 to 20 minutes, which is around average for a high-powered RC car.

Whereas the car is prepared of plastic, it is sturdy. Even if you were toward break a part of the car, you could easily purchase new parts. The car is furthermore Semi-water proof, thus you can drive it in the rain plus other wet conditions, however you must avoid long revelation to water.

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