Is There Really A “Right” Way To Clean Your Roof?

Though usually overlooked and taken for granted, regularly cleaning and maintaining your roof is an important part of home maintenance. Roofers advise you to schedule roof repair and general maintenance with a roofing professional to give your roof a thorough cleanup. However, you can also regularly clean your roof by yourself. This avoids buildup of dirt, mold, and damage, and thus avoiding more expenses in the future.

The big question now is: is there a correct way to clean your roof? The answer is yes, and it all depends on the type of roof that you have over your head.

Proper Ways to Clean Your Roof

There are two common ways to clean your roof: pressure washing and chemical washing. Using the wrong method for the wrong type of roof can only add to the damage. Read on to find out how you can properly and correctly clean your roof, on your own.

  • Pressure Washing: When is it suitable for your roof?

If your roof is made of metal or concrete, then pressure washing is your best bet. Pressure washing can effectively remove dirt, algae, and molds. If your roof is made of tiles, then forget pressure washing. Pressure washers can damage your roof tiles and shorten its durability.

When you do pressure washing, start at the peak of your roof. Then, work your way down. Start with a small area first, and always stand on a dry area to avoid slipping.

  • Cleaning with Chemicals: Is it safe for your roof?

Chemical washing can be used on any roofing materials. Choose a solution that is not too strong, but can quickly kill of algae and molds. Look for cleaning products specifically made for roofs, which are non-corrosive and safe for the environment. Choosing the right chemicals, doing the correct procedure, and rinsing properly can help ensure that your shingles will not be damaged.

The roof is exposed to the harsh elements of nature, so it is advisable to check on the weather forecast before you schedule a roof cleaning session.

First, you need to prepare the area. Soak the shingles with the cleaner, by spraying from the bottom row, then work up to the peak. You can then wait for the next rain to simply wash off the dirt and the chemicals. It is as simple as that, but is very effective in cleaning of moss and algae.

For general cleaning and inspection of your roof, call in your roofing professionals. Your roofing professionals will know the correct cleaning method that your roof needs.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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