Why Choose Recreational Vehicles or Motorhomes

The main advantage of a motorhome or Recreational vehicles, is the freedom of traveling. You can explore the world on their own. Forget the stress of booking a trip. With a motorhome you ride into the sunset and have guaranteed good weather. Along the way you will discover beautiful landscapes, which you can explore to your heart. You go your own way. All over the world you can find RV parks where you have all the necessary facilities. You come into contact with motorhome travelers and you can exchange experiences.


A motor home is also known as a mobile homes, campers, or a Recreational vehicles. In fact, some motorhomes have a loft on wheels. This means that this car is fully equipped to live in. All the modern comforts of home are available in a motorhome. You can fully customize and organize to your wishes according to your needs. Those who like to take it further, add countless extras to the basic equipment. As a satellite TV, oven with grill, solar panels, a canopy, a bicycle rack. The possibilities are endless.

Water Supply

Just like at home, you will have a running water in your motor home. Also every motorhome or recreational vehicles has a freshwater and a waste water tank. The fresh water tank is usually placed inside, under the sitting area. Thus, the water freezes more slowly. The tank can be easily topped up through a hatch in the outer wall of the motor home. The waste water tank is located at the bottom of the motor home, ideal for emptying at the places provided for this purpose.

It is recommended not to drink water from your fresh water tank because water stands still spoils. The tap water is not drinkable in all countries.

Power supply:

Energy in the living area of the mobile home is required for lighting, heating, refrigerator and much more. Below you can find the back of potential energy supplies.

  • Battery:

Each motorhome comes with a starter battery for the motor and a battery for the living area. The battery for the living area needed for lighting, water pump, fan heater, the control and optional accessories such as a television. Residential battery supplies a voltage of 12 volts and typically has a capacity of 80Ah to 120Ah. On the control panel you can follow to where the battery is charged. While driving, the battery recharges through the engine.

  • Mains:

Many motorhome car parks or campgrounds can connect your motorhome to a current of 220volts. Your mobile home has a connection to 220 volts, you can put through the extension of a plug.


Propane gas use for heating the water heater, the stove and the refrigerator. Most motorhomes have a hatch on the outside that place for two propane cylinders of 13 kg, one operating and one reserve. For safety, close the gas cylinder while driving. During the summer you use one bottle per month. In winter you use one bottle for two to five days. The heating consumes the most gas in the motorhome.

The above energy facilities are standard in most motorhomes. But there are additional features such as a solar panel, second living battery, and inverter 12 volts to 220 volts or an LPG tank. This sounds really good.

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