Make Shareable Content

Content is the bread and butter of your social media marketing. Content can come in a variety of forms including blog posts, photography, videos, and interactive material. Creating content that can get users to mash their share button is as much an art as it is a science and forms the backbone of search engine marketing strategies. Content is what gets you on the search engine page and gets users, customers, or followers to connect with you.

For tips on how to create strong content and enhance your social media marketing, continue reading below.

Keep It Simple

Unless your brand relies on abstract images and interpretations, don’t make your content too complicated. Keep it simple and easy to process so your users don’t have to devote extra time to understand your meaning.  So if you’re writing a blog post, aim for clean language, and if you’re posting new visual media, make sure it conveys a part of your story that’s easy to identify if users are asked about it. That doesn’t mean you can never be subtle, but if your viewers or readers were asked a pointed questionabout the material – such as about how the material conveys certain company values – they should be able to identify it easily.

Keep It Helpful

Helpful content drives small business marketing forward. Your audience will respond favorably to things that benefit them, but if your content is really centered on benefiting you, it’s not going to resonate as well. Headlines offering how-to advice are so popular because of their explicit declaration that they’re going to benefit the user in some way. Whenever you create content, ask yourself, “How does this help my readers/followers/customers?”

It can be as simple as answering a common question or providing photos to help your users connect a face with a brand, so long as it offers to somehow make life easier for the user.

Keep It You

Whether you hire content marketers or creators, make sure that your content is uniquely yours. Provide services and information through your content that no one else can offer your user. Give them a reason to stay and not look for the same information from someone else. You may be answering a question or providing advice on the same thing as someone else, but the way information is presented should never be copied from somewhere else. And as a bonus, avoiding duplicate content won’t merely help you shape your brand voice – it’ll also help your material shine through social media and search engines.

Keeping your content simple, helpful, and unique can boost your social media marketing and help you build an audience that returns post after post. If you want to create great shares, start with great content.

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