Fishing Tips To Catch More Pike

One of the most fished fish in the Netherlands and United States is quite the pike. But catching a pike is not always easy and many fish behind the net, let alone catching a big pike. But if you take these tips carefully and use must certainly succeed.

About the pike

Because it is important that you know where your fish right on. First a brief introduction about this great fish. The Exos Lucius scientifically called as the pike, is one of the biggest fish we catch in our country. They can be 20 years old and get a nice size in those years. The female varieties are larger than males and can be more than the meter. Females can be 1.40 meters while the males are often no more than 90 cm. Pike not only occurs in the Netherlands, but almost all over the world including Unites States, Canada and England.

Now you know the basic information about the pike we will talk about tips to help you catch more and bigger pike. Hopefully you do not know so much extra they can contribute to your catches!

Tip 1: Go pike when it rains

When it rains, there is because the rain drops falling into the water with extra oxygen. Because the water is richer in oxygen, the fish is more active and more, this swimming and aces. The prey fish come out of their hiding places and this means the ideal time for pike to go hunting.

Tip 2: Vary the type of lures

Nothing seems as random as the favorite type lures where pike falls. Catch you one day, the one after the other with a certain type of jerk bait, the day after you catch more with it. Always make sure that you take a number of different types of lures with. Click here to buy only the best fishing gear.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the color of your lure

The color of the lure is probably more important than you think. In clear water and sunny days you should use some more camouflaging and natural colored lures. Fish you murky water or the visibility is less because it is dim or dark day.

Tip 4: Vary the speed of retrieving

Fish lures you one time slower than other times. Let once stop or accelerate it just once irregular. The pike is like no other, simply quietly behind your lure to swim without touching it. Don’t forget to read reviews at before buying your fishing gear.

Tip 5: Fish in the right spot

You can lure or by throwing over the whole pond, but if no pike is you will not even catch him. Therefore it is important to know which sites you can expect pike.

Tip 6: Fish at the proper depth

Pike is not year round at the same depth and varies depending on the water temperature at various depths. This also depends on the clarity of the water.

Tip 7: Use braided line

Still there are many pike anglers fishing with nylon pike. Well this is obviously great, but with a braided line you feel so much more than with a nylon line, you really should just use a braided line. A braided line is 0.0 elongation and minimal every bite you feel all right, and this is lost in nylon in the rack. Are you afraid you’ll miss the rack in the drill or are you afraid that the braided line segment will continue to rub against sharp objects? Then use a nylon for the stroke of several meters. So you still have some stretch.

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