Cool Summer Camping & Hiking Tips For Beginners

The hot summers are here and if you like camping or hiking during this season, there are ways for you to keep and stay cool. Summer campers say that nature at this time of the year is full bloom and you can really catch some amazing sights while you are on the trail.

Ways to stay cool during summer hikers/camps

Selim Zherka is enthusiastic about hiking and camping. He says that when you decide to choose the summer months for hiking and camping, it is important for you to start early. You should try to cover as much as you can early in the morning. The sun peaks generally from 11am in the morning until 2pm in the afternoon.


When you are camping in summer, it is crucial for you to know the terrain before-hand. At least one of you in the group should know the right place where you can camp. The site is crucial and it helps you to stay cool in the hot summer months. You should carry the right gear as well as clothes. You should ask professional hiking and camping experts to help you out. In this way, you will get the perfect place for you to camp.

Additional tips to stay cool

It is important for you to cover up as well. For instance, you should wear long sleeves. This might sound contradictory for the summer months but it is important for you to keep this in mind. The long sleeves will protect you from the very harsh UV rays of the sun. You should wear long pants and ensure that you cover your face with sunglasses and a hat. You should also apply a top- quality sunscreen so that you do not get burns or tans during the trail.

Hydration is very important. You should drink and carry enough water for the day. It is very important for you to be hydrated and if you are traveling in a group, ensure that each of you have lots of water.

Consider buying a portable battery- operated fan

There are some amazing summer camping tips that you will find online. One of them is the portable fan that is battery operated. You will find them in credible camping cum hiking stores. They come in handy when you are camping in very hot and sunny terrains. If you are hiking and need some artificial breeze these fans really give you what you are looking for without hassles at all.

Last but not the least says Selim Zherka, you should ensure that you carry snacks and dry food. You should be prepared for hunger when you cannot wait for large meals. Camping and hiking both need a lot of energy and so it is crucial for you to ensure that you have sufficient quality of snacks packed with you when you hit the wild. Keep the food at least 10 or 15 centimeters above the ground and do not keep them inside your tent. This might attract wild animals as they can smell the food from afar!

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