7 Tips For Lottery Winners

The tips are based on what winners has learned in 25 years and what most people use. “But every person is different, they are not laws.”

  1. Create a will

Although, study admits that this tip at first sight a little strange to come about, it is very important. But few have their wills well organized, which is human. But if you have a sudden a lot of money, a well-organized will be gives a lot of rest.”

  1. Go on vacation, take the rest to settle

“If you win a prize, you get into a lot of fuss. Then it helps right here to look at the rest of your family. Together you can make plans then we want to move or renovate? Want to fulfill my dream and start your own business? And do on such a vacation you do not cut more. Pamper you have a nice pampered, go to a nice resort. “

  1. Do not borrow money, rather give someone something that has to

“By borrowing killed friendships,” Study says. Not because it is amounts that can not miss winner. “That’s true, but if the borrower does not repay the agreement has been violated. And that’s something else!”

  1. Do not move immediately

You are who you are, that does not change suddenly if you win a million,” explains study. “When people move, they prefer to stay still around however you see in neighborhoods where a prize of the Lottery often is that people will grow. A dormer window, a new kitchen, new flooring in and your home again so good as new. “

  1. Do not hide your price money

Whoever conceals its price, must often justify themselves.  Imagine that you suddenly have a new BMW 5 Series for the door, then at least explain how you have it coming. And what’s not so hard to keep a secret. You’re so happy, that’s very difficult to keep secret.

  1. Continue to work

“You should not spend all day on the couch to sit next to your wife. Believe me that your marriage is not fun of. However, it is easier to make a switch. “If you start your own business, is not for you feel like you are going to get easier the classroom at work again with making a hefty profit does not have to come first.”

  1. Try to maintain old patterns and habits

“If you go to football on Saturday with your friends, keep it then just do it. But tell them that you are not suddenly going to pay each round. You did not then, and that now you do not. And you friends were all your friends before you won a lot of money.”

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