Time Sheet System Management

Overview of the system

The time sheet system is a web based system that allows the employees to organize themselves by having a track of all their projects and subprojects. It alsoallows them to keep an eye on how much time they have left to finish each project and how much they are being paid for it. It allows the user to access the database online and from their smartphones.

Benefits of the system

There are several reasons to use the system for following reason:

  1. It can be done on cloud
  2. It eliminates paper
  3. Saves time
  4. Accessible from anywhere
  5. Make the business more profitable

Uses of the system

It is used to track the time for payroll, billing, employee performance, identifying problematic tasks, and to compare planned costs versus actual costs in project management environment.

Top ten online timesheets software

  1. FreshBooks
  2. Invoicera
  3. ClickTime
  4. Toggl
  5. Paymo
  6. Yanomo
  7. GetHarvest
  8. Timeneye
  9. Clockodo Time Tracking
  10. TimeCamp

Top timekeeping apps for small business

  1. TimeBox
  2. Smart Plans
  3. GoTime
  4. TimeTracker
  5. myWorkTime
  6. Harvest

The system has several interfaces including employee interface, supervisor interface, and web interface.

In employee interface, there have lists of their projects in descending order of time left for completing the tasks. They have the access in any of the task they wish to work on now and as the employee begins working, the time begins to count down.

In supervisor interface, they are allowed to create projects for employees and make a new entry in the database. While creating, they need to provide the details of the employee including the name of the employee, the type of the employee, the task, and the time allocated to complete the task. After the completion of database entry, the supervisor needs to link the task with the employee account.

In web interface, the web server distributes the data to local server and the local server sends this to local computers.

Timesheet calculator

It allows the user to enter the times worked likes 8:45, 10, 12:30, and this will add up with the time worked into a meaningful hour: minute format.

Smartphone compatibility

This system is compatible with all smartphones operating systems. The databases have a mobile version which allow the users to access and edit all the information from their smartphones. Connections between database and smartphones are made up by using web browser. All the data that stored locally on the smartphone is encrypted.

Making life easier with viable time sheets in place

In recent years, people have developed an ever-increasing interest in online time sheet system, as they provide the start and the end time of the work or the duration employee spends on their task. It indulges a detailed malfunction of tasks practiced by the employee. Moreover, it is used for several official works including client billing, job estimation, project costing, tracking, and payroll.

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