The Secret Of Mobile Advertising In China

China has world’s largest e-commerce platform and have great potential to survive almost every product with versa. Chinese consumer market has great buying power and they always welcome to quality products and timely supplies when they demand. Doing business in China have challenges and need lots of paper work before starting nay type of idea. These people mostly engaged with local brands and always prefer to buy China made products. Different types of advertisement sources are needed to plan attention of the people. Mobile phone advertisement trend is also getting attention in China because mostly people of China now are engaged with latest devices such as iPhones, Android, Mac, Tablets, Lap tops and other devices to do their daily important tasks online. Mostly internet users use mobile devices to access the internet. Urban and rural market of China tends to split their online time among mobile phones etc. Urban Chinese internet users mostly use mobile phones as compare with rural Chinese. According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) survey 2016, the smart phone users were 95.1%, desktop users were, 60.1%, Laptop 36.8%, Tablet 31.5%, Connected TV 25.0%. These all percentages are showing the Chinese citizens involvements in multiple devices to connect with internet.

Chinese market is a great opportunity market in which mobile advertisement can play vital role to give awareness to people regarding different products and services. It would be wise decision to choose cellphone advertisement as a strong brand reputation source to attract audiences from China. Mobile advertising is authentic and time saving source of marketing in China which can attract China’s consumer market to show their instant behaviors to buy specific items. Marketers and advertisers can pay their attention on digital attention and advertising on mobile activity to attract Chinese traffic for specific brand reputation. Plenty of marketing opportunities to influence urban clients using other digital devices can be a perfect source to get feedbacks and to get instant response of the public about specific products.


Get paid and re-engage mobile users to market brands and products promotions as well. Digital advertising trend has been shifted on mobiles because mobile advertising is also tipped to increase almost 80 percent of the digital ad spending. Entrepreneur discloses his secrets of Chinese mobile success. E-commerce trend in China has also got attention of the business communities and now they are trying to access the potential markets from China to spread their brand awareness to tell the people to buy specific brand products and get discount offers on bulk deals. Online shopping stores just like Alibaba is also active and they are serving the Chinese consumer with immediate product deliveries. Trend to shop from online stores has been got much popularity and helping people to save their time, energy and other efforts. China’s consumer markets buying power has been raised and they likes to use branded and quality products. The secret of mobile advertising in China exposes in following lines which can help mobile marketers to do necessary actions and use their creative skills to add some space in existing markets:


  • mobile advertising as a strong communication and people awareness deciding tool which can generate immediate reaction of the people as compared with other types of advertisements

  • Chinese customers tend to place a lot of weight on recommendations, reviews and thoughts from their peers and respected key opinion leaders

  • sometime government rules and regulations greatly effects on advertisements campaigns which badly impact on overall sales volume so native advertisement might play  vital role through mobile devices

  • Search engines always helps people to find their interest relevant information so try to work on local search engine optimization because Google is blocked in China and Baidu is number search engine for Chinese people to get engaged with Chinese consumer markets. Make a list of local top search engines and plan something to be search through local resources for specific brand reputation

  • To influence Chinese digital advertising campaign, customer connection is a top priority for marketers. relationships with potential customers can be built through strong mobile advertising source


An experienced marketing expert chose best plan of actions and make creative advertising plans to take right decisions to get positive feedback from their targeted markets. Doing more efforts and experiments means getting more and more experience from markets and Chinese consumers markets can give positive results if the campaigns for products would be attractive matching with their tastes & interests. Global branding and local branding of products and services can be built through effective and creative marketing plans which can be dome through mobile advertisement methods. Beijing is also doing favor to China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom to get their 4G network rollout, letting them more patrons nationwide to appreciate mobile broadband services and adopt advanced smartphones.



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