Experience The Luxury and Tradition Of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a royal representation of rich heritage and magnificent history. It’s one of the most colorful and vibrant states of India which stretches across the miles of sands. This desert encompasses rich traditions of ancient kingdoms of India that flow in the melodies of the folk music.

Each year thousands of Indians as well as international tourists flock down to this colorful state making it the most popular tourist attractions of the country. The state is full of cultural and heritage values and an interesting historical past. The state is a beautiful place to spend vacation in India.

India vacation packages all inclusive

Rajasthan tour is one of the most enchanting and charming experiences and the most booked out of the various India vacation Packages. You can opt for hundreds of Rajasthan special packages from the various tour operators that suit your schedule as well as budget and schedule during your visit to India.

Various Tourist Attractions in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has diverse tourists attractions that will leave you mesmerized with their splendor and spectacular heritage with their culture and architecture. The Tales and history of Rajasthan speak of queens, kings, battles, palaces, thrones, fortresses that have actually lend their charm to the whole Rajasthan. If you visit this place you will always carry the alluring historical picture of the state in your heart that will last a life time.


One of the most striking features of Rajasthan is its rural fold culture and the admirable characteristics which make it stand out of all the India vacation Packages. The fun-filled fairs and beautiful festivals of Rajasthan attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, making it a must visit place.

Explore the beautiful city

The best way to explore the deep and rich heritage culture of Rajasthan is to opt for tailor-made packages that are designed by the tour operator. These are India vacation packages all inclusive and they also save the trouble of planning a broad sightseeing schedule. There are several Rajasthan Tour Packages but certain places of attraction are included as they are the most popular tourist destinations and are often the most visited ones. There are many Rajasthan Tour Packages that include some fares along with accommodation and dining facilities, which makes it convenient for the travelers.

Popular Rajasthan Tours

  • Cultural & Heritage Tour
  • Desert Safari Tour
  • Camel Safari Tour
  • Fort and Palaces Tour
  • Luxury Rajasthan Tours
  • Pushkar Fair Tour
  • Village Safari Tour
  • Wildlife Tour

The best time to Visit Rajasthan is from November to February when the temperature there is not so hot and very cold in the night. Some of the most popular locations of the Rajasthan state are Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur, Neemrana, Alwar, Jodhpur, Pushkar, Ajmer, Bhiwadi, Pilani, Dholpur and many more. All these cities offer with the traditional Rajasthani cuisine that one will love.

Vacation India has designed many Rajasthan, India vacation Packages that cover all the cities and provide with all the facilities and are pocket friendly too.

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