Creating Your Writing Routine

Creating your writing routine is what every person do need to know. A writing ritual that you do every time you sit down to write can prepare your mind for a certain activity. Much the same as you probably have a few steps of preparation that you do before going to bed that signal your mind that it’s time to sleep, so you can also create a routine that will prepare your mind to write.

What time of the day will you write? Here are a few suggestions of Creating your writing routine:

Morning Writers:

To start with thing in the morning is a favorite time of day for many professional writers to write. Your mind is alert (after a cup of coffee!), and you’re starting with a clean mental slate. One thing to remember is that writing is a creative activity, so it takes a great deal of concentration. Many times it’s easier to concentrate first thing in the morning, because there hasn’t been time for many distractions to pop up yet.

The Quietest Time Of The Day:

For a few, early morning is the quietest time of the day. For others, late at night is. If you’re similar to me and have small children, you may have to search for pockets of time when the kids are occupied in quiet pursuits (nap time, educational time, at night after they’ve fallen asleep, or early in the morning before they’ve awakened).

Night Owl or Early Bird?

You may have a certain time of day when you are in peak form and feel more energetic than at different times amid the day. A few people are morning people and others are night owls, while still others locate their natural groove at different times amid the day. If you do have a particular time of day when you are most creative and mentally alert, have a go at writing amid that time.

Creating Your Writing Routine

Where Will You Write?

Here are a few suggestions for you:

Quiet, Clean, and Isolated-

Many professional writers thrive in a predictable writing environment that is the same day in and day out. Characteristics of a controlled environment are quietness, cleanliness, and an isolated location. A controlled and predictable environment like this eliminates distractions, calms the mind, and helps the mind focus.

What is the quietest room in your home? Maybe it’s the basement or attic or guest bedroom. Perhaps a walk in storage room can be transformed into a makeshift writing room, or your back patio can be your work space.

At The Coffee Shop-

Especially if you telecommute, you may appreciate the change of pace of writing in a cafe. The environment is alive and clamoring, and that alone can stimulate creativity and help your mind to focus.

What Is Your Pre-Writing Ritual?

A few suggestions for you:

*Make coffee or tea, then head to your desk.

*Do a crossword puzzle over breakfast, then sit down to write.

*Read the newspaper over a cup of coffee, then start your writing day.

*Have some classical music (or whatever music you like) playing out of sight as you sit down to write.

The idea is to have some sort of routine that you do that signals to your mind that it’s time to write, it helps understand how to overcome writers block. It doesn’t have to be complicated – something as simple as preparing a cup of coffee, then sitting down at your specially chosen writing spot at your favorite time of the day can help you write all the more productively and boost creativity.

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