Plastic Surgeon Advice On Breast Lift Surgery

We live in an era where looks can be transformed with a scalpel, intuitive technology and skilled hands. It’s the era of plastic surgery. Breast lift surgery is a procedure which can help address your concerns such as having uneven and sagging breasts, reduced breast volume, drooping nipples as well as stretched areolas. In other scenarios, your plastic surgeon might be forced to perform a breast reduction or augmentation in the event that you have too little or too much breast volume. Many women are opting for breast-lift surgery with a massive success rate in the transformation of their looks.

Breast Lift Surgery

When is the ideal time to have a breast lift?

The time after pregnancy, during nursing, after significant weight loss or weight gain and for the normal aging of your breast, all these make your breasts to sag.

Keys Things to Consider Before Procedure

Some of the advantages that are conferred by a breast-lift surgery are:

  • You will attain an enhanced breast shape, projection as well as symmetry
  • You will have more youthful breasts
  • You will have a positive self-esteem whether you have your clothes on or off

Some of the possible cons:

  • Gravity and aging might have to make the effects of a breast lift fade off
  • After this procedure, you will end up with scars
  • A subsequent pregnancy may affect the surgical results

The above aforementioned are key to consider before making up your mind with regards to undergoing a breast lift. Once you have settled on the procedure as an option, it is recommended that you consult a suitable aesthetic plastic surgeon.

What will make you be a good candidate for a breast lift surgery?

At times you might become excessively worried about the sagging of your breasts to the point of wondering what surgical procedure could help correct this. In such cases, you should not be amazed if the aesthetic plastic surgeon you have approached gives a combination of breast augmentation, breast reduction as well as a breast lift as the most appropriate option.

It is recommended that you carry forward undergoing any cosmetic surgery if you plan to have more children. The reason behind this is that effects of pregnancy may be precarious to the breast tissue, there will be a stretching and a reduction in the volume of your breasts.

Generally, those who are in good health with a combination of the right attitude can be said to be suitable candidates for a breast lift surgery. These are some factors to consider before settling on this procedure and the various benefits and disadvantages of being getting a breast-lift.

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is the owner of his own practice, and the leading doctor for breast augmentation in Columbia, MO.

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