3 Reasons To Add Yoga To Your Life

Yoga may be intimidating at first, especially if you watch some of the more advanced postures, but it is seriously easy for anyone to get into. The more you do yoga the more flexible, and strong, you will become, which will allow you to increase your postures into those more difficult poses.

3 Reasons To Add Yoga To Your Life

Starting slow is the way to go. You can start from the comfort of your own home and begin to learn the different poses in private, with books and even online videos, before heading into a yoga class. Once you feel comfortable and attend a class you will find that the instructors are pretty laid back and they know that not everyone has the same flexibility.

The more you do yoga the healthier you will be. Here are three huge reasons you should add yoga not just to your workout routine but to your daily living routine.

Helps You Become More Mindful

Yoga does more than exercise your body, it also exercises your mind. Through yoga, by learning the proper breathing techniques and the correct way to do the different poses, you learn to be more mindful of your body, from your breathing to your posture.You become more mindful, more aware of your body and what your muscles do, how your core plays a roll in your movement and being, and how your mind works when you aren’t busy thinking about all fo life’s worries and stress.

You may also find that many yoga videos end in some sort of guided meditation. This is even more of a boost to your mental health and mindfulness. You will begin to feel so much stress leave your life as you get more into doing yoga on a regular basis.


Increases Your Overall Health

Yoga isn’t just good for your mind, it’s good for your body and your soul. It’s strengthening, and it can be as low impact as you need it to be. There are even yoga poses that can be done for people that need to remain sitting, so it won’t matter your age or ability.

It’s heart healthy, since it can get your heart rate up when you are going through different sets of postures. It is good for your lungs, since it teaches you proper breathing. You can also find yoga poses that can help with different body aches and pains, that will make your stronger and get rid of some of the pain you may suffer from on a daily basis.

Help With Strength And Flexibility

As you go through the yoga poses over and over again they will become easier to do, and you will become more flexible. This means you will start to be able to go deeper into poses that you once could barely do.

Not only is flexibility increased, but so is your overall strength. Yoga builds strength in your core, but not just there. You will build stronger arms, strong legs, and even a stronger back.

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