Things You Didn’t Know About The Great Gatsby Movie

Amazing Facts about ‘The Great Gatsby’ Movie that You Probably don’t Know.

Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1925), with its legendary tragic hero, probably is familiar to you. You may have seen the movie in 2013, which is an Australian-American romantic drama, that was based on the epic and famous novel of Scott Fitzgerald. The movie was directed and co-writter by Luhrmann Baz and the main characters were played by Leonardo Di Captio (Jay Gatsby), Mulligan Carey, Maguire Tobey and more.

The following are some amazing things you didn’t know about The Great Gatsby movie which we took from Great Gatsby essay outline.

Release of the Movie

The romantic movie was originally scheduled to be released for Christmas holidays in 2012. But unexpectedly it was pushed back to another unspecified date in 2013, with a statement coming from the president of Warner Bros, who said that a later release date would ensure that this unique film would reach the largest audience possible.

There were a number of theories back then about the alterations of the release date of the epic movie, as to what was the exact reason they changed the date. But the truth is that the 3D element of the film hadn’t been completed in time for tis original release. Eventually, they set another date for the release in May 2013.

The character of Meyer Wolfshiem was based on a real person

Meyer is a reference to a famous racketeer Arnold Rothstein, the man behind he Black Sox Scandal, where 8 players of the Chicago Sox were accused of losing intentionally the 1919 world series, in order to gain money from gamblers. Rothstein was a mob kingpin in New York credited with transforming organized crime from the provenance of street thugs to a streamlined corporate machine.

The ‘real’ relationship of Daisy and Gatsby

The relationship between the main characters was based partly on Fitzgerald’s relationship with Zelda. Just like Daisy, Zelda was from a noble family, whose status was considered higher that that of her lover. Actually Zelda turned down his marriage proposal, because he didn’t seem promising enough for her. But they eventually got married in 1920 in the City of New York.

Costumes & Jewellery

Baz Luhnmann teamed up for the movie with his wife Catherine Martin, who was a costume designer, in order to produce some amazing costumes for the romantic movie. Catherine worked closely with the famous designer Miuccia Prada, in order to make some dazzling costumes of te ’20s. Many other famous designers, like Miu Miu, were also approached for the making of the amazing costumes of this epic film.

Catherine also worked with other apparel designers like the Brooks Brothers for the costumes that the male members of the cast wore during the scenes. The jewellery for the women in the cast were provided by Tiffany & Co.

Inspired Scenery Sets from Estates and Gardens

In creating the various sceneries of the film, depicted on the background, the team of Catherine Martin styled the whole interior rooms and sets of the mansion of Jay Gatsby with Art Deco style and gilded opulence. In fact, the team was inspired from the Old Westbury Gardens for the film version of the Buchanan Estate.

The movie was filmed in Australia

The Great Gatsby movie was scheduled to take place in the area of New York City, in June 2001. But instead the director wanted to shoot in Sydney and they began filming it in September of 2011, in Australia (Fox Studios) and was completed on December 22, 2011. Some additional shots were also filmed in January 2012. Moreover, they used Epic digital cameras and Zeiss Prime Ultra lenses.

The movie has been adapted many times to the silver screen; the first one was in 1926. In the 1974 version, starring Robert Redford as Gatsby, the script was written by Francis F. Coppola.

The novel inspired a musical, an opera, as well as a Nintendo game. Prior to the last version of 2013 there had been an opera, as well as many other adaptations of Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of 1925.

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